Technological innovation has drastically changed the industrial and manufacturing industries as more complex, “smarter” solutions are required to sustain and improve production. Electronics have permeated nearly every aspect of industrial production: from the way we power infrastructure with renewable energy, to revolutionizing processes through smart automation, and even how we keep lighting and temperatures optimized for chemical processing, manufacturing, and food production and packaging. While previously manual processes are becoming electronic, traditional electronics are becoming smarter, more reliable, and have longer lifetimes. This is due in large part to better sealing, protection, and thermal management. Boyd solutions for sealing, protection, and thermals help improve performance and reliability, regulate lighting and temperature, seal devices and products from ingress, and guard electronics from harsh environments.

Process Equipment and Fluid Delivery Systems

Boyd supports strictly-controlled chemical, food, potable water, and pharmaceutical processes with high quality engineered material components and thermal management solutions. Materials must resist migrating substances, even under excessive heat or aggressive cleaning agents. Boyd manufactures food-safe silicone tubes and seals, including switch cabinet seals, fabric-reinforced lines for high pressure delivery, or beverage dispensing systems, while meeting stringent purity standards from small batches to large production runs. Thermal management such as SOLIMIDE® Foam heat jackets or Isothermal Furnace Liners help maintain fluid line temperatures by insulating the line from ambient or even furnace temperature profiles for sensitive operations and critical chemical reactions.

Industrial Sealing Solutions

Refrigeration, HVAC, and chemical processing systems are critical to industrial processes and rely on adequate sealing solutions to operate efficiently and effectively. Boyd’s wide portfolio of sealing solutions range from foam tapes and air ducts and baffles to standard and custom O-rings, to custom molded hoses and high temperature gaskets that withstand harsh environments. Solutions are converted to extremely precise geometries for each application to ensure optimized sealing with less assembly time and lower costs.

Industrial Thermal Management Solutions

Many industrial processes require precise temperature control, whether it be extensive HVAC systems, regulated temperature control for chemical or food processing, or keeping electronics like LEDs or LED displays cool to extend their lifetime and reliability.

Boyd Corporation leads the industry in the design and manufacture of highly precise and reliable thermal management systems including air cooling, liquid cooling systems, two phase cooling assemblies. Boyd is known for advanced integrated solutions that can utilize both highly optimized traditional cooling methods and cutting-edge cooling technologies to develop the best, most reliable solution for the application.

Technologies such as extreme temperature heat pipes, cryogenic heat pipes or isothermal furnace liners, are ideal for applications that require cryogenic temperature control or consistent and uniform temperature distribution. From natural convection heat sinks for solar inverters to high performance blowers and heat exchangers for complete facility cooling, Boyd pulls from decades of experience as well as advanced R&D to develop ideal cooling solutions for any requirement.

Industrial Protection Solutions

Industrial systems are integral to the infrastructure that supports daily life. Protecting these systems is key to maintaining reliability and ensuring long lifetimes of expensive equipment. Proper protection also ensures the safety and comfort for both workers and end-use consumers. Boyd’s extensive protection solutions include noise, vibration and harshness damping and absorption, EMI/RFI shielding and absorption, air filters, electrical and thermal insulation, and user interface protection like screen protection and films or button and keypad covers.

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