Agriculture & Construction

Agriculture & Construction Industry Overview

Although we live in an increasingly digital age, Agriculture and Construction remain the backbone of civilization and foundation of global commerce. From personal greenhouses and small local farms to commercial farming and ranching operations, the Agricultural Industry provides food, fibers, medicinal plants, and more to sustain the growing world population. Meanwhile, Construction companies, contractors, and workers provide shelter and infrastructure necessary to keep people safe, comfortable, and connected.

Boyd Corporation supports Agriculture & Construction by providing robust sealing, protection, and thermal management solutions for devices, vehicles, and machinery that lead to higher productivity and greater safety and success.

Integrated, lightweight solutions help keep equipment and motors running longer, more reliably and efficiently, keep operators safe and comfortable in advanced cabins, and improve advanced electronics for high efficiency production. Through Boyd’s global supply chain, superior technology integration and engineering, and local customer support teams, we help meet your application requirements while minimizing total landed costs.

Agriculture & Construction Sealing Solutions

Construction and Agriculture equipment are subjected to extreme environmental conditions. Cabins for tractors, skid steers, compacts & sub-compacts, utility vehicles, and heavy equipment require rugged sealing components that withstand exposure to the elements. Extruded seals keep cabin doors and windows protected from weather, dust, sand, and insects. Air management systems with molded hoses and air baffles keep both the engine and operator cool and comfortable during long shifts.

Agriculture & Construction equipment manufacturers are integrating more technology into their products, which means high performance cabins require components like optically clear adhesives and gaskets for touch screens or camera sensors, UV resistant seals and window assemblies, multi-function lever boots, buttons and key pad covers for additional equipment features.

Boyd’s broad portfolio of extruded polymer and molded rubber products help equipment manufacturers design and manufacture cohesive solutions for sealing advanced cabin systems and keeping operators comfortable for extended hours. Our ability to integrate multiple functions into a single component enables reduced assembly costs, more reliable and lightweight solutions, and easier equipment maintenance in the field.

Agriculture & Construction Protection Solutions

Agriculture and Construction operators spend long hours in equipment cabins and are subjected to shock, vibration, noise, flying debris, and solar glare. Operators benefit from machinery equipped with noise and vibration absorption features, strong windows, glare protection, and comfortable seating and control systems for extended hours in the cabin.

Our ability to provide ergonomic molds for internal cabin control systems help prevent operator fatigue. Rubber molded grommets and vibration isolators from Boyd help smooth out the ride and improve cabin comfort. Keep dust and debris away from the cabin with Boyd’s mud flaps and wheel well covers. Our converted protection films help minimize glare, ideal for long sunny days.

As equipment OEMs go above and beyond the basic cabin necessities, Boyd assists with solutions for an enhanced operator experience. We provide comfort and luxury solutions such as thermal insulation for in-cabin coolers, acoustic mesh for speakers, and molded cup holders.

Agriculture & Construction Thermal Solutions

Agriculture and Construction equipment are integrating more technology features and electronics, like satellite positioning systems, communications systems, on board processing for sensor arrays, system optimization electronic units and more. Sensors, electronics, and advanced operator interface displays perform best and most efficiently when kept cool.

Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation has pioneered and refined many lightweight cooling technologies perfect for the Agriculture and Construction Industry, innovation that has been perfected with deep experience in consumer electronics, mobile electronics, and aerospace & defense.

Aavid’s encapsulated graphite heat spreaders, heat pipe assemblies, or vapor chamber assemblies are ideal passive cooling technologies that combine decades of reliable high performance in small lightweight volumes. By enabling higher performance electronics with lightweight solutions, equipment manufacturers can integrate more features without increasing maintenance requirements or weight – improving fuel effiency and machine uptime.

Our engineering team is well versed in DFM practices, especially for integrated liquid cold plates or liquid cooled chassis for high density heat loads like traction control power inverters or battery packs for electrified machinery. By leveraging Aavid’s expertise in your equipment, you can extend the range of battery powered equipment or increase the fuel efficiency of ICE or hybrid equipment.

As manufacturers push equipment to be more efficient and environmentally friendly, some are turning to electric drive trains and systems. To learn more about our expertise in the eMobility industry and our capabilities in vehicle electrification, please visit our eMobility Market page.

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