5G Implementation

5G infrastructure upgrades and installations support the large influx of data and connectivity demands coming from both consumer and enterprise markets. Industries like autonomous vehicles, smart cities, robotics, augmented reality, virtual reality, and manufacturing automation rely on consistent and reliable network access, data transfer, and connectivity performance. The Internet of Everything (IOE) and associated digitization of all devices is enabled by 5G and network convergence innovation.

Increase Power Density and Reduce Weight in a Smaller Footprint

Low profile cooling systems offer higher performance in a smaller volume with optimized thermal density for increased power densities and processing speeds. Two-phase, passive air, and conduction cooling innovations blend technologies to enable lighter, better optimized solutions in encapsulated components or remote radio heads.

Improve Reliability in Extreme Environments to Minimize Maintenance

5G towers and base stations are exposed to extreme temperatures and a variety of harsh conditions which directly correlates to maintenance demands. Boyd’s telecommunication solutions have been installed in-field for decades with proven, reliable performance. We take a creative approach, enhancing reliability with passive solutions that exclude moving parts. Our solutions that cool, seal, and protect are designed and manufactured using robust methodologies that ruggedize components and maintain prime performance in any scenario. The result? Greater safety for tower maintenance workers and optimized uptime for consumer satisfaction.

Responsive Global Localization

With installed mass production replicated across three continents and rapid localization for in-region production, Boyd brings you global agility to respond quickly to geopolitical impacts and regionalization strategies.

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Innovating with Sustainability in Mind

Boyd’s solutions maximize energy recovery and reduce power consumption while improving 5G operation performance. We collaborate with customers to minimize the carbon footprint of both equipment production and operation. Design for Manufacturing (DFM) engineers drive continuous improvement in manufacturing efficiency to assure we decrease energy consumption. We strive to power global operations with renewable energy where possible. Additionally, we bring solutions that minimize acoustics, heat, or electrical interference to reduce telecommunication tower impact to their surrounding environments and communities.


Radios and Active Antenna Systems (AAS)

Radio enclosures installed on 5G towers are difficult to access and exposed to extraordinary weather and temperature extremes. High reliability solutions that seal, cool, and protect Active Antenna Systems (AAS) are critical to minimizing maintenance and assuring maximum uptime, even with increasing power density, tightening space, and limited weight requirements. Aluminum die cast enclosures modified with heat pipes or thermosiphons allow customers to add more frequency bands within the same site space while operating at higher power levels, especially in Macro Radio Units. With no moving parts, these thermal solutions are designed for long term reliability in a compact, weight efficient package in the coldest and hottest environments. Waterproof enclosure seals protect tower-mounted components from element degradation while EMI shielding and electrical insulation protect signal integrity.


Base Station Units

Powerful 5G base stations direct individual radio frequency connections to every network user within range at a higher frequency than previous telecommunication technologies. Base stations are tightly packed with racks of equipment like Baseband Units (BBUs) or Split Centralized Unit - Distributed Unit (CU-DU) that operate high power densities at accelerated service speeds. Innovative cooling technologies with high thermal performance exceed 5G base station power demands, protecting signal integrity of the base station, and extending the lifetime of all components. Heat Pipe Assemblies, Zipper Fin Heat Sink Assemblies, Graphite Heat Spreaders, and Thermosiphons passively maintain optimal operation temperatures for 5G base station equipment. Exposure to extreme conditions and the need to minimize service requirements drive demand for passive cooling technologies and rugged material solutions that seal and protect base station units.


Power Amplifiers, Converters, Controllers, Receivers, Transmitters, and Transceivers

5G infrastructure installations are challenged by constrained space and increasing power density. All components must be optimized for efficiency and performance in compact configurations, ruggedized to withstand temperature extremes and harsh environmental conditions. Power amplifiers, converters, controllers, receivers, transmitters, transceivers, and ASICs require innovative thermal management solutions that cool growing power loads in smaller and smaller volumes to optimize reliable operation, maintain radio access networks, and sustain overall system uptime.

Some components, like converters, operate in a fully encapsulated environment where forced convection is not possible and operating temperatures can reach extreme highs. Thermal Chassis that leverage Encapsulated Graphite Heat Spreaders, Heat Spreading Vapor Chambers, and Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers passively transport and dissipate heat from enclosures to ambient environments. Next generation systems can also leverage Boyd’s liquid cooling systems or pumped two-phase solutions to push performance.

Packing complex and high-powered components in tight outdoor spaces presents electrical and mechanical challenges. Protect signal integrity with electromagnetic interference shields. Block spark voltage and flame with electrically insulating barriers. Seal and insulate against the elements and temperature extremes with robust, rugged enclosure gaskets.


Hyperscale Compute, Cloud Data Center, and Connected Devices

5G network performance relies on advanced server, storage, and network systems. These interconnected systems depend on Boyd’s solutions in Cloud Compute, Data Center and Hyperscale Compute applications. Devices connected to 5G networks drive innovation in performance capabilities, intelligence, and speed. Development in eMobility and Mobile Compute applications also benefit from multifunctional solutions designed and manufactured by Boyd.

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