5G Implementation

5G Implementation and Rollout

The upcoming 5G implementation will support the large influx of data and connectivity needs for industries such as autonomous vehicles, smart cities, robotics, augmented reality, virtual reality, and manufacturing automation. Consistent and reliable performance is essential for maximizing connectivity through proper infrastructure which includes devices such as environmentally protected 5G RRU/RRHs, faster optical connections, and large-scale data centers. Boyd’s Sealing, Protection, and Thermal solutions are ideal for supporting 5G implementation and network convergence. With decades of experience supporting complex supply channels, we work synergistically with you and your tiered supply chain partners and contract manufacturers to help optimize your total value chain management, as well as exceed industry standards and test regulations, and maximize long-term reliable product performance.

Environmentally Protected 5G Wireless Networks and Systems

Implementing 5G networks requires more remote radio heads and outdoor base stations that often encounter harsh environments and maintaining reliable sealing in these systems is critical. From high performance gaskets and O-rings to cabinet enclosures and door seals, Boyd’s protection and sealing solutions are ideal for outdoor installations to protect sensitive equipment against the elements. Through Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation, we also design and manufacture modified aluminum die casting enclosures to support higher power loads in fully integrated thermal, sealing and protection solutions. Extend the efficiency and lifetime of sensitive and difficult to install units in the field with comprehensive solutions by Boyd.

Boyd’s solutions extend beyond the Last Mile and into Central Offices, Core Networks and Data Centers as the network converges. Solutions include gaskets and filters that prevent dust and particulates from degrading rack performance, graphic overlays and labels to keep complex systems cataloged, cable management systems keep areas organized and safe, and UL tested and certified electrical insulators for spark and voltage management.

High Performance Data Processing

The performance of 5G networks depends on reliable Server, Storage, and Network systems. Cool data processing systems utilizing Boyd’s diverse thermal management solutions and technologies. With Boyd’s broad range of air cooling, liquid cooling, and two phase solutions, we help improve reliability, speed of data processing, and accessibility. Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation offers advanced design and streamlined manufacturing for high performance heat pipe and vapor chamber heat sinks and leads the industry in cooling technologies for new network equipment as well as retrofitting or upgrading older systems.

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