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In-Rack Cooling vs In-Row Cooling


Last updated May 30, 2024 | Published on Nov 17, 2023

Data Center Installations: In-Rack Cooling or In-Row Cooling?

New artificial intelligence (AI) applications push rapid data center growth, leaving data center architects to quickly determine if in-rack cooling or in-row cooling is right for their installation. Consumer demands for convenience, flexibility, speed, mobility, and responsiveness drive immense processing. With, extreme data loads more powerful processors come additional heat generation, where system designers rely on innovative cooling solutions like in-rack cooling and in-row cooling to meet this data explosion.

Cloud data center expansion fueled by AI and consumer demands drives the need for effective cooling solutions

Innovative Cooling Technologies for Data Centers

In-Rack Liquid Cooling

Integrated liquid cooling systems within server racks adeptly manage heat from multiple sources. These compact and high-performance systems optimize space in chassis designs, enabling greater compute and power density within the same footprint. In-rack coolant distribution units (CDUs) and liquid cooling loops seamlessly connect with facility water-cooling systems to deliver effective cooling to the blade or chip through liquid cold plates.

Why Use In-Rack Liquid Cooling for My Data Center?

In high-density server environments, in-rack liquid cooling efficiently cools individual server racks, leading to cost savings and lower energy consumption. In conjunction with hot and cold aisle containment, in-rack cooling isolates airflows to enhance cooling efficiency and reduce the need for extensive cooling infrastructure, preserving valuable data center floor space.

In Rack Liquid Cooling

In-Row Liquid Cooling

Integrated liquid cooling systems for multiple server racks effectively manage high heat loads. In-row coolant distribution units (CDUs) can function as self-contained units or connect to existing facility liquid systems. These CDUs feature intelligent instrumentation to optimize energy usage and leak detection to ensure variable peak performance and preventive protection.

Chassis Liquid Cooling Solutions

Why Use In-Row Liquid Cooling for My Data Center?

In-row liquid cooling systems offer flexibility in adapting to data center layout and server configuration changes to ensure even and consistent cooling. In-row systems can be customized to closely match server heat loads, maximize efficiency, and minimize energy usage. This makes in-row cooling an ideal, space-efficient choice for data centers with limited floor space to optimize available area.

Enhance server rack efficiency with advanced integrated liquid cooling systems

Innovate with Boyd

Boyd boasts decades of experience and expertise in pioneering and manufacturing data center cooling solutions. Leverage our rich heritage in liquid cooling and material science to design cutting-edge cooling solutions prioritizing top-tier performance, reliability, and energy efficiency.

Whether you require in-rack cooling within individual server racks or in-row cooling for multiple server racks, we have you covered. Our engineering and material science expertise allows us to design custom cooling solutions for specific data center types. To learn more about our thermal management solutions or to discuss your project needs, schedule a consultation with our experts.

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