Stamped Heat Sinks


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Improve heat dissipation, device performance, and speed with the added surface area of Stamped Heat Sinks


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Increase device reliability and product lifetimes with passive air cooling


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Cost-effective and readily-available stamped device level solutions

Cost-Effective Solution

Stamped Heat Sinks are a cost-effective solution to add surface area for increased heat transfer for board level products. These heat sinks are formed through progressive punching processes, where details and features are progressively added with each stamp of sheet metal going through the punching die. Stamped Heat Sinks are designed for specific electronic package types to ensure optimized fit and function. These heat sinks come in a variety of mounting methods, including solder tabs and pins, interference fit with the device through integrated clips or slide-on features, or through-hole hardware like screws and nuts. Most Stamped Heat Sinks are available with a finish to improve heat radiation and thermal performance for natural convection applications.

Boyd’s engineering team is highly experienced in board level cooling applications. We can help you select a Stamped Heat Sink optimized for your application from our extensive portfolio of solutions. For rapid thermal modeling and comparison of multiple heat sink constructions please try Boyd Genie our heat sink design tool. View our Heat Sink solutions in the section below:


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