Mounting Hardware and Thermal Accessory Solutions

Why Use Mounting Hardware and Thermal Accessories?

Mounting Hardware helps complete thermal management solutions by ensuring the solutions are firmly mounted in an efficient process.

Card Ejectors & Pullers

PCB Card Ejectors, Pullers and Snap-on hardware enable card insertion and extraction. They are damaged less often during extraction from a PCB. Single piece Snap-on PCB Ejectors & Pullers reduce assembly time and complexity. They are excellent for retrofit applications

Max Clips

Max Clips™, designed for use with Max Clip™ Extruded Profiles, apply consistent pressure at the center of the semiconductor, improving thermal contact and performance.

Mounting Kits

Boyd mounting kits contain the hardware to mount heat sinks for major electronics packages. Mounting kits enable more streamlined supply chain, simpler assembly, and improved performance.

Shurlock Pins

Boyd developed Shurlock Pins for more reliable mounting, greater thermal contact and pressure. They allow for easier assembly and long-term uniform pressure.

Solder Anchors

Boyd manufactures extruded heat sinks with integrated solder anchors for simplified assembly. Solder anchors eliminate the need for additional hardware or mounting holes.

Spring Clips

Spring clips offer simple, cost-efficient, fast mounting for board level cooling solutions. Spring clips also offer increased force and stability for improved thermal performance.

Reducing Thermal Resistance and Improve Thermal Performance

Shurlock Pins and Solder Anchors with Z-Springs help mount heat sinks to PCB assemblies and provide spring force to ensure good thermal contact with heat sources below. Shurlock Pins lock in place when installed in a PCB through hole. Solder Anchors are installed into the board with heat sinks assembled and a Z-spring can mount and be removed repeatedly without harming the board.

Boyd’s Max Clip™ system used with our Max Clip Extruded Heat Sinks provide excellent centralized mounting from semiconductor packages to the heat sink, reducing thermal resistance and improving thermal performance. Spring clips, like Max Clips, are used in conjunction with extruded and stamped heat sinks to apply pressure into devices and ensure better thermal joints between a heat source and heat sink.

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Pre-Packaged Hardware Kits

Mounting kits are pre-packaged hardware kits for through hole mounting in heat-sealed plastic bags for use on assembly lines and are ideal for retrofit applications.

Card Ejectors and Card Pullers are designed to assist in the insertion and ejection of PCB boards into ports.

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