Insulation Products and Hardware Solutions to Improve Application Performance


Insulating bushings and washers offer mechanical benefits, electrical insulation and environmental protection such NVH and shock. This increases the structural integrity, electrical performance and reliability of the device..

Heat Shields

Boyd Heat Shields are a cost-efficient way to protect electronics and devices from environmental heat by absorbing, dissipating, or reflecting heat away from the application.

Shoulder Washers

Insulating shoulder washers bear similarities to bushings and vary in geometries and materials for NVH and protection as well as electrical and thermal insulation. Often constructed of aluminum alloys but can be made from a range of flexible or rigid materials to suit the application.

SOLIMIDE® Insulating Foams

SOLIMIDE® is a proprietary foam for high performance acoustic and thermal insulation. It is nontoxic, flame resistant, hydrophobic and light weight.

Combine Thermal Properties with Mechanical Characteristics

Thermally Conductive Insulation Products and Hardware combine thermal properties with mechanical characteristics into a single electrically isolated product. Bushings, washers and spacers are used to electrically insulate hardware such as screws, rivets or wires, reduce vibration and can be used as a guide for materials. Heat Shields and Thermal Insulation can help prevent heat transfer towards sensitive components.

Heat Shields are ideal for optimizing applications that need to be lightweight and compact as they are extremely low profile, reliable, light weight and flexible. Heat shields are a low cost, high value integration to optimize thermal management systems.

SOLIMIDE® is ideal for light weight systems that require quieter operation and more thermal stability for user and application safety. SOLIMIDE® Foams are available in a range of densities and options, such as laminated or heat treated, and can be formed into complex geometries for high tolerances.

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