Folded Fin Stock

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Increase Thermal Performance

provide more surface area and design flexibility

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3,000 different configurations.

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Design Flexibility

purchase separately, bonded or brazed as part of a custom heat sink

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Heat Transfer Fins

Heat transfer fins are manufactured with a progressive stamping process that folds sheet metals into fin stacks that can be utilized in a number of solutions to increase surface area for improved cooling. The ability to vary the material, configuration, thickness, and density of heat transfer fins is vital to the success of a number of thermal management technologies including heat exchangers, heat sinks, and vacuum brazed cold plates. Flexibility in materials and geometries allows us to provide a wide variety of Boyd heat transfer fin options to suit application requirements.

With over 3,000 fin configurations and custom manufacturing capabilities, these fins can be supplied separately or as part of an integrated, fully optimized cooling solution.

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