Zipper Fin Heat Sink Assemblies

High density fin structures ideal for volume production forced convection thermal solutions.

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Zipper Fin Heat Sink Assemblies

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Zipper Fin heat sinks are an ideal air cooled solution for high powered forced convection applications for mass production. A zipper fin stack is constructed from a series of individual sheet metal fins that are stamped, folded, and zipped together using interlocking features. Fin lengths and gaps within a stack can vary by using different stamping dies and fins can be closed, creating a finned duct with the zipper fin stack, or open for multi direction air flow depending upon application airflow requirements.

A completed zipper fin stack is typically soldered, brazed, or epoxied to a heat sink base or a series of heat pipes to create a comprehensive thermal management assembly. As zipper fins are joined together on both the top and bottom of the fins, they offer higher mechanical stability compared to other fin types such as skived or folded fins.

Zipper fin heat sinks have a high level of design flexibility, which enables Aavid engineers to design integrated solutions with heat pipes, ducting, and fans or blowers to meet specific customer application requirements.

For rapid thermal modeling and comparison of multiple heat sink constructions please try Aavid Genie our heat sink design tool.

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