Fan Heat Sink Combos

Standard Aavid fan heat sink combinations are pre-assembled full thermal solutions for a variety of board level applications. Save time and space and increase thermal performance with these compact solutions.

Aavid Fan Heat Sink Combinations are each comprised of a black anodized aluminum heat sink, an Aavid fan, attachment hardware, and thermal interface material. These drop-in solutions provide localized, device specific cooling which increases the performance of the heat sink as well as the reliability of your FPGA/BGA device.

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Aavid Fan Heat Sink Module Features

  • In-house manufacturing for both fan & heat sink
  • Enhanced performance in less space
  • Increased life and reliability of components
  • Localized cooling replaces less efficient system cooling
  • Impingement design allows for improved air flow
  • Lower assembly time


  • Tape Attach
  • Push Pin – Brass or Plastic
  • Solder Anchor
  • 5V or 12V