Fan Heat Sink Assemblies


A Number of Options

Meet specific needs with our wide variety of mounting configurations and fan options


Improved Performance

Improve heat dissipation and performance of standard heat sinks with the added fan option


Save Time and Space

compact solutions that are ready to install

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Boyd Fan Heat Sink Assemblies are pre-assembled complete thermal solutions for a variety of board level applications. Save time and space while increasing thermal performance with these compact solutions that are ready to install. Impinging air flow from the fan enables the cool intake air to contact more fin surface area, improving thermal performance.

Standard Boyd Fan Heat Sink Assemblies are comprised of a black anodized aluminum heat sink, an Boyd fan, attachment hardware, and thermal interface material. These drop-in solutions provide localized cooling to increase the performance and reliability of your FPGA/BGA device.

Since we fabricate both heat sinks and axial fans in-house as well as convert thermal interface materials from a wide variety of material options, Boyd can mix and match standard components for quick semi-custom options or produce fully customized Fan Heat Sink Assemblies to meet your specific project requirements, dimensions, thermal performance and configurations.

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Key Industries

5G Implementation

  • RRU/RRH Passive Cooling Solutions
  • Base Transceiver Station
  • Base Station Subsystem (BSS)
  • Baseband Unit (BBU)
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  • Integrated Enclosure and Die Cast Heat Sinks for Electronic Control Units (ECUs)
  • LED Headlamp Thermal Management Solutions
  • Sensor and Camera Heat Sinks
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  • Residential LED Lighting Cooling
  • Commercial LED Thermal Management like Grow Lamps
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