Fluid Control Technologies


Contact with harsh environmental conditions expose devices to a variety of contaminants that can impact the safety, efficiency, reliability, purity and life cycle of a product. By keeping air, dust, debris, liquids and contaminants sealed away from sensitive components, we help broaden product functionality, extend product lifetime and maintain the intended high quality of internal operating environments.

Air Flow & Control

Managing air flow through a system is critical to the overall performance of the system. From initial air intake, to flow production, to routing airflow, high quality and effective components are required for a long lasting and efficient system.

Liquid Flow & Control

Complex systems that utilize liquid flow rely on leak-free systems, dependable liquid containment, transport, and sealing solutions. These active systems utilize pumps to push liquid through hoses and tubing between components like reservoirs and tanks, heat exchangers, and liquid cold plates.

Filtering & Fouling Protection

Both air flow systems and liquid flow systems have the potential to clog up causing poor performance. Whether a system is exposed to the elements or internal reactions between the fluid and system introduced impurities, Boyd has several filtration and fouling protection technologies to help protect the performance of your fluid system

Learn How to Extend Product Lifetimes, Reduce Maintenance, and Protect Complex Systems

Managing fluid flow and ingress is a critical portion of optimizing and protecting complex systems. By using a variety of technologies to control fluids like air and liquid, we help products last longer in demanding environments.

Products rely on seals to prevent fluids that could corrode or carry dust into the system and degrade functionality, reliability, or product lifetime. Air flow control systems like baffles, diverters, and fairing extensions help optimize flow either to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency or bring it to critical components, like engines, heat sinks, heat exchangers or operators to help maintain appropriate temperature. Hoses behave in much the same way, but for fluids, and require additional leak-free performance to prevent potential damage to nearby components. Filtration systems in either air or liquid systems enable long lasting performance inside the system, reducing fouling and debris build up. Learn more about how Boyd’s Fluid Control Technologies can help you design longer lasting, more reliable products:

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hose with fittings and other fluid control components
ambient liquid cooling systems with hoses and fittings

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Sealing comes in a wide variety of forms, from O-rings to complex gaskets and face seals to multi-durometer, reinforced polymeric extrusions for weather stripping.

The basis of a seal begins with raw material selection based on specific performance characteristics such as using closed cell foams for waterproofing or selecting an open cell foam for filtration. We utilize a broad range of materials to help seal including, foams, adhesives, rubber, plastic, and overmolded metal components.

Boyd Corporation has decades of expertise in engineering die-cut, extruded, molded and precision converted sealing solutions designed to minimize the impact of unwanted contaminants. Learn how our material expertise, precision converting, and application experience, can help you select which sealing technology is best suited for your project parameters.

Air Flow & Control

Our team has a broad range of technologies at our disposal for optimizing your air system in a variety of conditions. With advanced software and design expertise, engineers at Boyd help you find the most efficient route for air flow, balance flow rate and pressure drop with the right fans, blowers, ducts, and baffles.

Vehicles moving through air also benefit from Boyd’s Air Control Technologies that reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency. With technologies like fairing extensions we can help reduce the impact of airflow on transport systems and vehicles.

Learn how Boyd’s Air Flow & Control Technologies can help you develop products with greater efficiency and reliable temperature control.

Liquid Flow & Control

Other systems need to direct liquid away from less rugged areas to reduce corrosion, rust, and ingress of contaminated liquids like mud.

Learn how Boyd designs reliable and long-lasting liquid flow and control technologies to help improve the reliability and functionality of your liquid systems.

Filtering & Fouling Protection

Learn more about Boyd’s Filtering and Fouling Protection Technologies and how they can help you reduce warranty claims and service calls.

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