MBK Tape Solutions joins Boyd


Expanding Precision Medical Expertise, Capacity, and Material Science

On December 15, 2021, Boyd Acquired MBK Tape Solutions, a California-based, medical grade precision converter, to extend our material science and engineered material excellence in Biosensors, Transdermal Patches, and Medical Wearables. With this added capacity and expertise, Boyd continues to be a strong partner to support the thriving medical industry, especially in stick-to-skin applications.

Medical Adhesive Tapes and Other Wearable Solutions

Medical Wearable Devices

Medical wearable devices, biosensors, and transdermal patches improve patient diagnosis and treatment and reduce healthcare costs by monitoring and providing drug delivery outside of clinical settings. Boyd’s medical grade precision converting and clean rooms expertise support your innovative healthcare products.

Advanced Wound Care

Reduce the risk of infection with innovative, skin-contact medical grade materials manufactured into complex raw material combinations and assemblies in clean room environments with stringent quality controls.

Medical Disposables

Maintain cleanliness and reduce the spread of infection for single or temporary use applications with cost-effective medical disposables. These protective solutions replace the time and cost of certified sterilization with faster peel and discard solutions.

Bonding & Adhesives

Boyd leverages the most advanced and high performance adhesives, tapes, optically clear adhesives (OCA), and other attachment materials to fabricate multi-functional solutions that meet the most demanding application requirements and optimize assembly operations.

Information and Labeling

Identify key product features or differentiate your brand with a broad range of labeling, branding, or user interfaces.

Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical Material Solutions

FDA Compliant, material and adhesive solutions streamline component manufacturing featuring certified material solutions for a broad range of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications to solve performance needs in processing, packaging, or transportation.

Beauty, Fashion, and Self-Care Materials and Adhesives

Boyd’s precision converting in high quality environments enable us to manufacture comfortable and safe adhesive personal care, beauty, and fashion products suitable for a wide variety of skin types and wear times.

Precision Converting

Our process innovation and decades of experience in advanced rotary die cutting and steel rule die cutting enables Boyd to produce complex multi-layer assemblies in low to high volumes. Boyd Precision Converting handles the most challenging materials while minimizing waste, helping you control cost and quality for advanced multi-functional die cut converted solutions.

Clean Rooms

We feature a variety of clean room manufacturing environments to serve applications that demand the highest quality and cleanliness, including medical or optically clear components., Clean rooms range from Class 100 to Class 100K and utilize our broad portfolio of manufacturing capabilities.

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