Defense Industry Overview

Military technology and the defense industry are consistently pioneering innovation as demanding field requirements drive the need for better, faster, more rugged equipment. Defense applications vary drastically in size, usage, and environment however all are mission-critical and must always operate at peak performance. Sub optimal performance or failure of these devices or equipment can cost not just time and money, but lives.

In addition to high reliability standards, defense machinery and electronics must be rugged and able to function in harsh environments, meet stringent Size, Weight, and Performance (SWaP) requirements, and often involve highly specific features or application needs never seen in consumer or commercial applications.

Boyd Corporation designs and manufactures solutions engineered to meet and exceed the increasingly high standards of military and aerospace applications. Thermal management, environmental sealing, and protection are three key factors in ensuring the reliability and performance of any application but specifically essential to defense technology. Boyd engineers excel at developing integrated solutions utilizing multiple technologies to meet tight SWaP requirements, deliver solutions at a lower cost, and creatively address rigorous application needs. Boyd’s flexible manufacturing and testing capabilities enable these solutions to move quickly and seamlessly from concept to prototype to high volume production in our ITAR and AS 9100 certified facilities.

Defense Sealing Solutions

Boyd is a world leader in high performance sealing solutions for harsh and unique environments. Extreme UV exposure, snow, salt, high wind, excessive heat, high altitude, high pressure, cryogenic temperatures – Boyd accesses the most innovative raw materials in the world to address specific and unique operating challenges and partners with you to develop a manufacturable solution ideal for your specific application. Defense sealing solutions include O-Rings, custom gaskets, extruded door and cabinet seals, molded rubber components, and additional custom solutions engineered for optimized sealing at lower landed costs while meeting exacting quality standards, high IP ratings, and traceability standards. This ensures longer product lifetimes and higher reliability and safety.

Defense Protection Solutions

Boyd offers a variety of protection solutions necessary to reliable military applications such as EMI/RFI management, electrical insulation, and thermal and acoustic insulation foams including SOLIMIDE® offerings. SOLIMIDE® Foam is an insulating polyimide foam product that is FAR 25.856(a) fire resistant, non-toxic, and customized in appropriate geometries and densities for fast and reliable installation and improved performance. SOLIMIDE® Foams often replace fiberglass insulation blankets for enhanced acoustic and thermal insulation in military vehicles for land, sea, air, and space. These foams provide improved acoustic performance as well as thermal insulation and protection from vibration. In addition to easy installation and servicing, SOLIMIDE® Foams have longer lifetimes and cost far less to maintain as well as assemble generating significant cost savings that are passed on to defense contractors.

As defense vehicles and vessels integrate more technology in smaller, more condensed spaces, EMI shielding and RF absorption are becomingly increasingly critical to functionality and dependability. Protecting devices from internal electronic crosstalk ensures more reliable performance and greater accuracy, both of which are vital to mission success. This holds true for additional Boyd solutions such as surface protection films, custom enclosures, electrical insulation options and NVH solutions. These solutions enable better performing, more reliable, safer applications by keeping internal electronics and other machinery secure from harsh environments and rough use.

By integrating these protection solutions with Boyd thermal management and sealing products, Boyd develops solutions and systems that enable extremely rugged, highly dependable devices.

Defense Thermal Solutions

Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation, encompasses the largest global portfolio of thermal technologies and knowledge. For decades Aavid has been at the forefront of innovation and R&D for defense thermal solutions, developing new and integrated systems ideal for the rigors of military and aerospace use. Aavid engineers have developed fully optimized cooling solutions for devices that guarantee the safety and success of every type of sea, land, air, or space defense application from deep-submergence vehicles to satellites and everything in between.

By developing integrated solutions that utilize technologies ranging from encapsulated graphite heat spreading, two phase passive cooling, high performance liquid solutions, to unique light-weight high performance heat sinks, Aavid is able to design and manufacture highly reliable cooling solutions for high heat density applications with longer lifetimes.

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