Military technology and the defense industry are consistently pioneering innovation as demanding field requirements drive the need for better, faster, more rugged equipment. Defense applications vary drastically in size, usage, and environment; however, all are mission-critical and must always operate at peak performance. Sub optimal performance or failure of these devices or equipment can cost not just time and money but lives and national security. Defense machinery and electronics often involve highly specific features or application needs never seen in consumer or commercial applications, demanding a culture of innovation.

Innovate Force Enablement & Battlefield Readiness

Expert thermal engineers with decades of innovative design and manufacturing experience in the defense industry are dedicated to help you overcome product limitations by designing solutions for higher power density electronics and higher system performance levels. Leading technology and innovation address the performance demands presented by the world’s leading edge defense electronic systems. Ongoing, long-term research and development partnerships with the world’s most demanding defense organizations and advanced universities drive new lightweight, compact form factor technologies that improve and create competitive advantage in battlefield readiness and force enablement.

Improve Reliability in Harsh Environments

Military devices, vehicles, and vessels are exposed to extraordinary use environments, extreme temperatures, harsh conditions, and a wide variety of elements across air, land, and sea deployments. With real applications in-field for decades and proven performance, Boyd’s solutions that cool, seal, and protect are designed and manufactured using robust methodologies tested and proven to ruggedize components that maintain prime performance in any scenario.

Accelerate Speed to Deployment

Market-leading responsive, fast, customer-first service backed by proprietary design engineering modeling tools and decades of thermal design expertise enable Boyd to iterate designs quicker to accelerate concept to production timelines. Boyd’s easy-to-do-business-with model helps you deploy new mission-critical technologies faster.

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Defense-Grade Quality Manufacturing

Boyd’s ITAR compliant defense manufacturing facilities are certified to AS9100C quality management systems – assuring the highest level of defense-grade quality management throughout design, prototyping, and mass production for reliable, on-specification delivered components. Boyd defense products are validated by product and application specific qualification to assure product consistency and high reliability. AS9100C certified operations are available across many sites in North America and Europe for replicated regional design and production with redundant manufacturing processes for installed and immediately available continuity support to accommodate sudden market demand surge, over capacity or in the event of a critical stop event.

Aircraft Engine Heat Exchangers


Innovate defense aircraft engine performance with uniquely constructed heat exchangers resilient against high pressure and demanding aircraft environments. Brazed aluminum and high temperature plate fin heat exchangers offer long term reliability in a compact format without adding additional weight. This unique construction can contain large surface areas in relatively small heat exchanger volumes, which makes it a compact cooling option for applications with tight volume or weight requirements. The heat transfer fin and plate construction adds to the structural integrity of the heat exchanger, enhancing ruggedization, strength, and reliability for long term defense performance.

Primary Aircraft Control Systems with Integrated Liquid Cooled Chassis


Lightweight, high reliability cooling systems enable performance advancements in defense electronics and primary aircraft control systems without adding weight or bulk. By incorporating a liquid flow path within electronic chassis walls and assuring optimal thermal connection to heat sources, enclosures and chassis can act both as a structural and thermal solution, preserving valuable design space to be allocated to additional functionality. Liquid cooled electronic chassis efficiently draw heat away from critical electronics through the chassis enclosure, enabling greater power and compute density in the same space without adding mass.

Land Vehicle Engine Heat Exchangers


Boyd’s robust Land Vehicle Engine Heat Exchangers are tough against demanding use and rugged terrain environments. High temperature plate fin and brazed aluminum heat exchangers balance long lifetime, high reliability, and weight efficiency by packing more heat transfer surfaces in smaller volumes. Boyd’s heat exchanger, engine oil cooler and transmission oil cooler, designs ensure high performance cooling in smaller volumes while maintaining structural integrity against shock and vibration to improve the overall strength, ruggedness, and lifetime of heat exchangers in these defense applications.

Defense Radar System Advanced Heat Pipe Assembly Cooling


Heat Pipe Transport Assemblies are designed and manufactured to move heat from a heat source to a more remote area where heat can safely dissipate. These assemblies are ideal to remove heat from constrained or densely packed areas to regions with access to cooler airflow or higher volume airflow for heat sinks or fin stacks. Defense radar systems that require clustered components intentionally placed within an application for reliable, high performance benefit greatly from remote air-cooled solutions. Advance radar system performance with elevated thermal loads without needing to transition to liquid cooled solutions or overheating by safely transporting heat to areas within the application that have greater access to cooled airflow.

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