Custom Extrusions

Helping you seal & protect with custom profiles of dense & sponge rubber & plastic.

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Custom Extrusions

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Boyd’s precision extrusion technology focuses primarily rubber extrusion and plastic extrusion for sealing solutions made from various rubber and plastic compounds, customized to specific performance parameters by tailoring compound selection, component design, tool design and cure processes for optimized vulcanization methodologies.

Our innovative engineering team designs extrusion processes that can include up to four different materials in one profile and multiple colors for the most complex application needs. We have decades of experience in matching raw materials to performance demands. If standard compounds do not meet the needs of your application, we work closely with our resin partners to develop custom compounds for you, including full color matching your custom colors.

We focus on continuous improvement and ongoing extrusion innovation that delivers increased value to our customers. In 2016 we introduced our new, proprietary Endura Tech technology which provides a cleaner-looking seal surface with the added bonus of improved flex fatigue and abrasion resistance - for enhanced aesthetics and long term performance.

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