D-Bulb Seals



broad range of geometries, materials, and additional features



tooling designs and quick speed to market

D-Bulb Seals are an affordable first line of defense that seal two flat surfaces against contamination by from water & dust. Depending on the structure and installation of D-Bulb seals, they can also absorb vibration between surfaces.

Automobiles and other vessels are fitted with weather sealing or D-Bulb Seals in order to combat the elements most vehicles are exposed to. Without weather sealing, the passenger cabin and sensitive or expensive components within the vehicle would be subject to environmental conditions, making vehicle maintenance expensive or the user experience uncomfortable.

D-Bulb seals are a customized method of sealing at an affordable price. These seals are designed and fabricated to protect a vehicle or enclosure based on unique model system requirements and functional intention. D-Bulb Seals are commonly used to prevent water and moisture from entering a housing, especially in vehicles. An average car can contain up to 16 different seals, with around half of them in the doors alone. D-Bulbs also cost-effectively seal between a cover and a base or any other components that are is mechanically seated together, like sealing a filter between its housing and lid.

Boyd’s expertise in polymeric sealing enables us to produce D-Bulb seals in a broad range of geometries, materials, and additional features to meet your specific application requirements. We co-extrude different rubbers or plastics together and incorporate specialized steel inner cores for door clamping or other mechanical mountings in order to produce a seal that’s ready for installation. Our ability to customize competitively priced D-Bulb Seals makes Boyd an ideal sealing partner for the variety of seals you needed for your project.

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