Protect Against Foreign Particles or Moisture with Particle and Fluid Ingress Protection

Why Use Particle and Fluid Ingress Protection?

Particle and Fluid Ingress Protection is a critical part of application requirements across nearly every industry as consumers demand more resilient products. Surfaces unprotected against foreign particles wear faster and require more frequent replacement. Electronics subjected to moisture or debris can short and fail, dramatically increasing warranty claims. Screens, cameras, sensors, speakers, microphones, input and charger ports are all potential ingress locations on electronics, which require adequate protection for longer product lifetimes and more robust functionality.

Input/Output Cables & Charger Ports

Seal input and output passthroughs on products and enclosures with customized gaskets and seals designed specifically for your port layout.

Integrated Display Gaskets

Both adhere LED and LCD screen assemblies together and seal out moisture and debris in the harshest user environments with Integrated Display Gaskets.

Caps & Plugs

Cap off and plug ports and openings with molded Caps & Plugs that cannot be permanently sealed due to maintenance and usage requirements.

Bellows, Shifter Boots & Handle Boots

Protect mechanical joints of shifters and handles from added wear by sealing out moisture, dust and other debris with Bellows and Boots.

Button & Keypad Covers

Extend the lifetime of button and keypad user inputs by sealing out liquid and dust.

D-Bulb Seals

Seal trunks, hoods, and windows with robust, compressible, polymeric D-Bulb extrusion seals tested to exceed lifetime open / close cycles.

Mesh & Screens

Utilize semi-permeable, synthetic or metallic screens and meshes designed with specific apertures to inhibit particle and moisture passthrough but still enable transfer of acoustic signals for microphones and speakers.

Filters & Guards

Maintain cleanliness of fluid systems with filters or prevent particle ingress with protective guards.

Custom Extrusion & Door Seals

Comprehensively seal doors and compartments to maintain clean and dry internal environments for user and passenger comfort and equipment durability.

Window Assemblies

Decrease sourcing complexity with high quality, fully assembled window modules for transportation applications with more than a decade of reliable field performance. Window assemblies feature a variety of transportation approved glass or polycarbonate materials with fabricated frames, screens, seals and handles.


Utilize Compressible Rubber Foams for Weather-Stripping to protect internal environments for user comfort or to safeguard sensitive devices.

Mud Flaps & Mud Guards

Reduce undercarriage and cabin wear with Mud Flaps and Guards that direct dirt and debris away from expensive components.

Maintain Purity

Protect against and prevent contaminants.



Prevent water damage in any use scenario.


Prevent Fluid Leaks

Ingress protection designed to keep fluids in a desired application.

Protecting Components

Moving components are susceptible to wear and tear from sand, dust and debris. Protecting components like handles, shifters, and electronic interfaces with buttons and keypads, reduces wear and damage on a device and extends the lifetime, safety, and reliability of complete systems.

Fluid systems can be compromised by the introduction of foreign particles, so protection of ingress locations is critical to their longevity. Filters, IP seals, particle guards, plugs, and caps prevent debris from entering these fluid systems. Adding screens and filters improve the reliability of fluid systems and reduce maintenance requirements by preventing fouling or contamination of liquid systems.

Vehicles like cars and commercial trucks create their own tough environments by kicking up mud, road sand and salt. Controlling the trajectory of road debris and environmental contaminants helps extend vehicle undercarriage and cabin lifetime.

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