Exceed Your Application’s Performance with Liquid Flow and Containment

Why Use Liquid Flow and Containment?

Field application engineers at Boyd collaborate with your sourcing and design engineers to exceed your application’s performance, cost savings and milestone deadlines.

Blow Molded Tanks

Safely store, seal and protect liquids for use in downstream or complementary functionality within a device. Commonly used in applications like storing window washer fluid in automotive applications.

Bottom Pans

Direct water and moisture away from leak-sensitive RV slide-out rooms with bottom pans designed to efficiently collate and exhaust water safely outside of the RV.

Hose Assemblies

Customized hoses to manage varying temperature extremes, burst and vacuum pressures for liquid and air management or hydraulic applications.

RV & EK Sealing Systems

Protect slide-out rooms in RVs while parked or on the road with dynamic extruded wiper and compression RV and EK seals.

Plugs & Caps

Protect openings and ports within an application from unwanted moisture or liquid when not actively in use with custom designed plugs and caps.

Silicone Tubes


Leak-Free Liquid Containment

Safely route and manage liquids within an application so they perform the way you need them to.


Prevent Water Damage

Proactively and intentionally manage water flow out of applications with exposure to the elements.


Longterm Quality Performance

Particulate filtering in liquid flow systems assures long, reliable performance.

Direct and Manage Fluid Flow

Boyd’s Liquid Flow and Containment helps direct and manage fluid flow within a larger application. Custom molded, mandrel-formed and extruded hose assemblies direct liquid between components like radiators, heat exchangers, liquid cold plates and hydraulic devices. For RV specific applications, bottom pans are designed to remove excess water and moisture from RV slide-out room environments promoting better leak protection and reduced quality claims for OEMs. Boyd’s blow molded tanks contain and seal liquids, protected for later use, like washer fluid holding tanks for a heavy duty application.

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