Airflow Management

Air Baffles

Cost effective assemblies designed to efficiently direct airflow within an assembly, commonly made of polypropylene or polycarbonate thin film plastics assembled into an air baffle in electronic enclosures or masticated rubber baffles assembled to metal frames for installation in vehicles to manage under hood air recirculation around radiator assemblies.

Air Ducts

Durable air ducting to direct incoming cold air or outgoing hot exhaust air to efficiently manage system temperatures.

Air Filters

Incoming intake air must be cleansed before use for cooling within sensitive internal systems, air filters made of woven mesh or reticulated foam remove contaminants from intake air.

Fairing Extensions

Efficiently fill the empty space between class 8 truck tractors and trailers, removing a source of aerodynamic inefficiency to maximize fuel efficiency in commercial vehicles.

Fan & Radiator Shrouds

Radiator and fan shrouds enable intake air to be properly distributed across the entire cooling surface for maximum efficiency thermal management.

Formed Hoses

Designed to exceed a variety of vacuum and burst pressers, formed hoses are economical and durable options to manage intake air, with specialty fluoroelastomer configurations for extreme heat exhaust air in turbocharger applications.

Direct, Shield and Filter Hot and Cold Air

Airflow management includes directing, shielding and filtering both hot and cold air for a variety of purposes in complex systems. Electronic enclosures utilize air intake with filtration and internal baffle assemblies to direct cool air for use in thermal management systems. Molded or mandrel-formed hoses, tubing and ducting can manage intake cool air into a radiator system, or exhaust hot air from a turbocharger. Airflow management also encompasses intentionally designing components to make vehicles more aerodynamic – like recirculation shields that direct airflow around a radiator unit in a Class 8 truck or flex extenders that shield the space between a class 8 tractor and trailer. Airflow management products from Boyd optimize system performance for a more energy efficient, safe end consumer device..

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Use Environments and Performance Requirements

Airflow management systems and products are often exposed to a wide variety of use environments and performance requirements. Boyd’s solutions are tested to a wide range of temperature minimums and maximums, chemical and UV exposure, burst and vacuum pressure levels and other reliability and quality parameters that help assure your OEM or industry standards are exceeded.

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