CGM – Medical Wearable Devices and Sensors

Why Boyd?

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Robust Patient Comfort

Withstand user conditions & meet wearability needs

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Exceptional Quality

Creative process flows and innovative assembly fixtures ensure lightweight, precise products that meet demanding FDA requirements

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Improve Diagnosis

Health care professionals can make better diagnoses and prescribe appropriate treatment faster with more frequent and targeted patient data

Medical Adhesive Tapes and Other Wearable Solutions

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Medical Wearable Solutions | Medical Grade Skin Adhesive

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Improve Patient Recovery

Wearable Medical Devices, Biosensors, and Monitoring Patches improve patient recovery with increased monitoring of prescribed activities, vitals and other health events. This data combined with new software and artificial intelligence improves diagnosis accuracy and speed as well as increases the efficiency, convenience, customization and cost management of healthcare. Wearable patches and biosensors commonly include Glucose Monitors, Insulin Pumps, Cardiac Monitor Patches, ECG Monitoring Patch, or Medical Patches like those used for Sleep Monitoring. Boyd’s expertise in clean room manufacturing, material expertise, and strategic supplier partnerships helps support your medical wearable device design and fabrication. Partnering with Boyd results in streamlined FDA compliant wearable devices designed for patient comfort and safety, healthcare provider efficiency, high reliability, and total cost management.

Selecting the Right Materials and Using Innovative Manufacturing

Wearable Medical Devices combine reliable biosensors and digital connectivity in an easy to use, comfortable, and format safe for patient use. By selecting the right materials and using innovative manufacturing and assembly processes that exceed medical regulations and requirements, these high-tech, affordable solutions bring health care to the next level. Each component requires careful material selection to optimize both performance and cost.

Cover layers must balance breathability for patient skin comfort as well as waterproofing to protect electronics. Cushioning layers must protect electrical connections without adding excessive weight or rigidity. Batteries, PCBs, and flexible circuits must operate reliably with minimal complexity. Hydrogels must provide reliable signal conductivity, withstand intended wear time, and be comfortable and safe for skin-contact.

Medical Wearable Device Product Materials:

  • Medical Grade Adhesives: Acrylic, Silicone, or Hydrocolloid based adhesives
    • Non-cytotoxic: ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards
    • Reliable skin attachment & endures wear-time
    • Skin friendly: little to no skin irritation or sensitivity
    • Comfortable, non-damaging skin removal
  • Biosensors
    • Hydrogel-based electrodes
    • Acoustic sensors
    • Thermistors or thermocouples
    • Optical sensors
    • Accelerometers and gyroscopes
    • Other innovative body sensors
  • Electronics
    • Embedded circuit board, either rigid or flexible
    • Small battery
    • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth transmitter
    • External, reusable electronic module

Medical Wearable Device Solutions:

  • Improve data for diagnoses with more frequent and consistent patient monitoring
  • Better preventative care by identifying risks before they become critical
  • Increased patient comfort and reduce workload for healthcare staff by monitoring outside clinical environments
  • Enable patients to take more proactive role in personal health
  • Ideal for insurers with reduced cost per patient

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