Air Cooling

Aavid, thermal Division of Boyd Corporation, offers air cooled solutions ranging from DC fans to unique pulsejet cooling technology to full air cooled thermal systems. Aavid designs and manufactures several lines of catalog, ready to ship air movers including DC brushless fans in a range of sizes, fan heat sink combinations, and SynJets for LED cooling. Additionally, Aavid offers custom solutions such as specialized fans, blowers, and jets as well as full systems utilizing these components and more complex solutions such as air to air or liquid to air heat exchangers.

For natural convection air cooled solutions, see Aavid Heat Sinks.

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Air Cooling Solutions


Hundreds of options in stock and ready to ship with thousands more available to order. Choose from a wide range of power types, voltages, frame sizes, and speeds.

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Fan Combos

Combine any Aavid fan with an Aavid heat sink for an optimized, readily assembled cooling solution or choose from standard fan combos for a ready-to-go solution.

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Aavid’s patented pulsejet technology allows for frictionless, more reliable air cooling. Aavid SynJets utilize this technology and pair with specially engineered LED heat sinks for high performance LED cooling.

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Low profile, high performance cooling for small form factor electronics.

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Air to Air Heat Exchangers

Custom air to air heat exchangers optimize full thermal system performance. Learn more about Aavid Heat Exchanger Capabilities

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