Heat Spreading Vapor Chamber Assemblies


Design Flexibility

fabricated in a variety of non-planar geometries which make them adaptable into more 3D formats


Enable Longer Product Lifetimes

high-precision temperature control, rapid temperature recovery, and long life under demanding conditions



with different shell materials, working fluid, size, mesh and geometric combinations

Two Phase Enhanced Air Cooling for Power Electronics

Heat Spreading Vapor Chamber Assemblies utilize two-phase heat transport to quickly move heat within the assembly to improve its overall thermal performance. Vapor chambers can effectively conduct heat 10 to 50 times more than solid metal structures and possess higher through-plane conductivity than graphite for thicker applications. Vapor Chambers operate like heat pipes, using evaporation and condensation of a fluid sealed under vacuum within a metallic envelope to transport heat.

Where heat pipes move heat primarily on the pipe’s axis, vapor chambers spread heat across a plane. When embedded heat pipes cannot offer enough design flexibility or heat spreading for your solution, vapor chambers are the ideal next step. Typical copper-water sintered powdered wick provides high-heat flux heat dissipation, with some configurations reaching over 300 W/cm2. Customers can improve the thermal performance of their Heat Spreading Assembly up to 30% when compared to typical aluminum or copper base spreaders. Making the switch to a Heat Spreading Vapor Chamber Assembly includes all the benefits of added thermal performance, freeze/thaw resilience, and ability to withstand military shock and vibration standards without sacrificing the reliability of the assembly.

By spreading high concentrations of thermal energy within a Heat Spreading Vapor Chamber, solutions like Vapor Chamber Heat Sinks better utilize each fin of the heat sink to dissipate heat. Heat Spreading Vapor Chamber Assemblies deliver higher thermal performance with lower device temperatures and greater component reliability.

Replacing solid metal heat spreaders with vapor chambers requires minimal design changes and drastically improves the performance of an existing heat sink. Vapor chambers evenly spread heat, so designers have flexibility in placing heat sources, the ability to increase the power of the components, or can reduce the overall size of the thermal management solution for smaller products. Smaller heat sink solutions enabled by Heat Spreading Vapor Chamber Assemblies improve system packaging and provide quieter operation by requiring less air flow.

Vapor Chamber Assemblies are available with different shell materials, working fluid, size, mesh and geometric combinations depending on the operating temperature of the system. The most common combination is copper-water due to its operating temperature of about 10°C to 250°C, but other liquids and materials can be used for extreme temperature ranges.

Vapor Chamber Assemblies are fabricated in a variety of non-planar geometries which make them adaptable into more 3D formats. Vapor chambers can include various pedestals for varying heights and through holes to accommodate application specific geometries. Boyd’s Patented Thru-Hole Technology allows both straight and threaded holes through the highly conductive vapor space region for ease in design of attachment hardware. Utilizing our technical expertise in Vapor Chamber Assemblies, customers can achieve the next level of processing speed and power in the same space.

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Key Industries


  • Telecom Communications: RF Amplifiers, RF transmitters
  • Edge Computing Systems
  • System on a Chip Heat Spreading and Cooling
  • Next Generation Thermal Management Solutions
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    Cloud Compute

  • CPU and GPU Cooling for Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Servers
  • Power Electronics Cooling: IGBTs, MOSFETs, TWTs, and SGTs
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    Consumer Electronics

  • Low-Profile Applications: Blade Servers
  • High Strength and Clamping Force Applications
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