Tube Fin Heat Exchangers


Increase Thermal Performance

Higher tube density enables higher heat transfer



Variety of fin patterns, bend densities, mounting structures, and pipe connections.

Design and Fabricate an Optimized Tube Fin Heat Exchanger

Tube Fin Heat Exchangers, also called finned coil heat exchangers, consist of tubes that pass through a dense fin stack that is mechanically supported by a mounting frame. Fluid passes through the tube coils, conducts heat to the fins and dissipates heat to air forced through the heat exchanger.

Boyd’s engineering team members are experts at thermal design and heat exchanger customization to meet demanding heat transfer requirements for your application. Our standard Tube Fin Heat Exchanger options include copper and stainless steel, but we’re able to utilize aluminum, nickel and cupronickel to meet specific environmental needs. Our team can utilize a variety of fin patterns, bend densities, mounting structures, and pipe connections to design and fabricate an optimized Tube Fin Heat Exchanger for your project parameters. Our ability to finish Tube Fin Heat Exchangers with paint or coatings, including MilSpec rated coatings, enables us to create a complete heat exchanger unit ready for installation.

For help selecting a standard heat exchanger please try our Heat Exchanger Selector Tool

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