In Row Coolant Distribution Unit


Better Performance, More Processing

Optimized for improved heat dissipation for HPC systems for more processing power.


Condensed Volumes

More cooling for improved volume utilization, leaving increased room for additional high performance equipment.


Increased Energy Efficiency

Liquid cooled servers remove heat directly from the system and devices, maximizing system effectiveness and device performance.

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In Row Cooling for Greater Power and Compute Density

In-Row CDUs are full rack-sized Coolant Distribution Units installed alongside a row of server racks to provide efficient data center cooling. CDUs circulate coolant in a closed loop system on the secondary, cooling side and utilizes facility water on the primary, heat rejection side. CDUs provide cooled fluid to cold plates within the server racks to maximize heat transport from processors and DIMM modules. Coolant Distribution Units contain pumps, a fluid reservoir, a power supply, a control board and a heat exchanger to regulate and remove heat for effective data center cooling. The capacity of In-Row CDU is on the scale of 600-800KW, enough heat dissipation to cool 5-6 high power server racks. In-Row CDUs enable greater power and compute density in the same design footprint when replacing traditional air cooling systems, unlocking quieter, higher performance levels, greater reliability, and safer operation.

Leveraging entirely liquid In-Row Cooling Distribution Units within the data center eliminates the need for fan or blower trays or excessive forced convection to reach the same cooling performance. By reducing airflow and the introduction of mechanical vibration, CDUs reducing acoustic noise, offering a safer environment for technicians and fewer data read-write errors from reduced vibration.


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What is inside a Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)?

High-Performance Liquid Cooled Server Solutions

In Row CDUs maximize data center uptime by extending time between servicing. Boyd utilizes redundant pumps and compressors, automatic coolant replenishing, and variable frequency drives (VFD) in hot-swappable designs that respond to varying heat loads and increase serviceability without introducing downtime. Breather valves for secondary loop pressure maintenance and bypass loop for stand-by operation also improves the maintenance process. This setup provides the right level of cooling to meet varying processing demands, lengthening time between system maintenance. These high-performance server cooling systems also eliminate the risk of leakage and shorting by isolating high pressure facility water, use dielectric fluids at the server level, and leak detection systems and alarms to provide safe server cooling.

Boyd’s expertise in a variety of thermal technologies enable us to blend liquid, immersion, two-phase and air cooling technologies to co-exist in a single In Row CDU server cooling system. We leverage modular CDU frames as a foundation for customization to meet precise application specifications. By mixing and matching high performance, reliable and hot-swappable components, we customize your CDU design for maximum performance within your unique system setup.

Standard Boyd Cooling Distribution Units

System Type Nominal Cooling Capacity Standard Process Temp. Temperature Stability Ambient Temperature Range Dimensions (W x D x H) Typical Industry Datasheet 
2U CDU Liquid to Liquid 15 kw 25° to 50°C
(77° to 122°F) 
+/- 1 °C 5°C to 45°C 
(41° to 113°F) 
483 x 794 x 85.5mm
(19.02 x 31.26 x 3.37in) 
Enterprise 2U L2L CDU Datasheet
4U CDU Liquid to Liquid 60 kW 25° to 50°C
(77° to 122°F) 
+/- 1.5 °C 5°C to 45°C 
(41° to 113°F) 
450 x 982 x 175mm
(17.72 x 38.66 x 6.89in) 
Enterprise 4U L2L CDU Datasheet
10U CDU Liquid to Air 32 kW 25° to 50°C
(77° to 122°F) 
+/- 1 °C 10° to 45°C
(50° to 113°F) 
535 x 982 x 440mm
(21.06 x 38.66 x 17.32in) 
Enterprise 10U L2A CDU Datasheet 
In-Row CDU Liquid to Liquid 305 kW 20° to 41°C 
(68° to 106°F) 
+/- 2 °C 5°C to 45°C 
(41° to 113°F) 
600 x 1000 x 1885mm
(23.6 x 39.4 x 74.2in) 
Enterprise In-Row L2L CDU Datasheet 
MCS20 – Stand Alone Liquid to Air 1.3 kW  55°C
    439 x 384 x 338mm
(17.3 x 15.1 x 13.3in) 
Industrial  MCS20 Datasheet
MCS30 – Stand Alone Liquid to Air 2.1 kW   55°C
     439 x 384 x 338mm 
(17.3 x 15.1 x 13.3in) 
Industrial MCS30 Datasheet
MCS40 – Stand Alone Liquid to Air 2.4 kW  55°C
  5°C to 40°C
(41° to 104°F) 
381 x 381 x 610mm 
(15 x 15 x 24in) 
Industrial MCS40 Datasheet
MCS50 – Stand Alone Liquid to Air 3.5 kW 10°C to 60°C
(50°F to 140°F)
5°C to 40°C
(41° to 104°F) 
381 x 381 x 610mm
(15 x 15 x 24in) 
Industrial MCS50 Datasheet
LCS20 Liquid to Liquid 20 kW 10°C to 35°C +/- 0.5 °C 5°C to 40°C
(41°F to 104°F) 
543 x 705 x 810mm 
(21.4 x 27.8 x 31.9in) 
Industrial LCS20 Datasheet 

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