ntegrated CDUs minimize or remove waste, maintenance costs and downtime for a lower total cost of ownership.



Modular CDU base designs are customized for maximum performance within unique customer device dimensions, configurations & performance specifications.



Smart controls & sensors spike with peak demand for variable high performance.



Increase compute & power density in the same footprint.

In-Rack CDUs (Coolant Distribution Units) are optimized to efficiently and seamlessly integrate into a large, high power device like a data center server chassis or medical imaging equipment. In-Rack CDUs distribute coolant within large, high power devices to series of heat sources, either servers, processors, or other high heat sub-systems. Integrate CDUs with cold plates custom designed to maximize interface with heat sources through machined custom geometries and skylines for maximum heat transfer to the liquid cooling system. In-Rack CDUs are configured in standard 4U cloud data center server configurations or common dimensions across standard medical and industrial models. They enable greater power and compute density in the same design footprint when replacing traditional air cooling systems, unlocking higher performance levels, greater reliability, and safer operation.

In-Rack CDUs are easy to use with installation instructions as simple as completing the liquid loop, filling the liquid reservoir tank, and flipping the switch. These systems offer a fast option for upgrading to liquid cooling in a cost effective and reliable package and can be fully self-contained or integrated into available facility cooling systems.

Boyd’s advantage is having a cohesive, overlapping thermal technology portfolio that enables liquid, immersion, two-phase and air cooling technologies to co-exist. We design modular CDU bases intended to be customized and fine-tuned to precise customer performance needs, pulling the best from our vast innovative technologies for each custom application. You won’t have to adjust your device design to accommodate a standard CDU, we’ll customize your CDU design for maximum performance within your unique application.

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Key Industries

Cloud Compute

  • Edge Computing Center Cooling Systems
  • Cloud Data Center Servers & Chassis
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  • Power Supply Cooling
  • Power Conversion Cooling
  • Process Automation Systems
  • Security Screening
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  • Sample Test Equipment Cooling Systems
  • Diagnostic Systems
  • Medical Lasers
  • MRI
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