Air to Air Heat Exchanger: Cooling One Air Stream with a Second, Separate Air Flow

What is an Air to Air Heat Exchanger?

An air to air heat exchanger transfers heat and cools hot airflow with a secondary separate cold air stream to remove heat from an enclosure.

Conductive Air to Air Heat Exchanger

Using material conductivity alone, these Air to Air Heat Exchangers transport heat from one air system to another using solid, reliable materials such as aluminum, copper, or high conductivity graphite.

Heat Pipe Air to Air Heat Exchanger

Leverage the high reliability of heat pipes to quickly transport heat from one air system fin stack to another with the benefit of being able to seal off each system.

Aerospace Aftermarket Replacement Heat Exchangers (Re-Core)

Extend the lifetime of your advanced heat exchanger system by replacing the internal heat exchanger surfaces with a cost-effective re-core for low cost system retrofitting.

Thermosiphon Heat Exchangers

Utilize Boyd’s advanced Thermosiphon Heat Exchangers that feature rapid two-phase heat transport to remove large quantities of heat from one air system and reject into the secondary air system or ambient air side.

Air to Air Heat Exchanger Fabrication

Effectively transfer heat from one air system to another using Boyd's Air to Air heat exchangers. Air to Air Heat Exchangers are ideal for moving heat from inside an enclosure to ambient air or from one enclosed air system to another. Boyd's Air to Air Heat Exchangers leverage high conduction materials or passive two phase systems like heat pipes or thermosiphons to transport heat from one side of the heat exchanger to the other.

To fabricate our Air to Air Heat Exchangers, our engineers leverage a variety of in-house construction methods including folded fin fabrication, zipper fin production, nickel plating, heat pipe manufacturing, vacuum brazing, dip brazing, soldering, and welding. Our team can mix and match the best fit technologies to meet your specific application requirements.

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Aftermarket Heat Exchanger Core Replacements

Boyd is also known for reverse engineering original equipment for aftermarket heat exchanger core replacements. Extend the lifetime of your heat exchanger systems with our recore solutions, reduce overall lifetime spend and optimize maintenance for your system.

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