Display Enhancement Films are a critical addition to advanced displays as they improve their efficiency and brightness. These optical enhancement films increase the brightness of liquid crystal displays (LCD) by recycling and directing wasted light towards the user. By implementing Display Enhancement Films, your display can benefit from better readability, additional thermal management, and power savings, which are critical for battery-powered and handheld devices.

Incorporated into LCD backlights, Display Enhancement Films refract and compress light towards the user that would otherwise be lost and heat up the surrounding components. This enables it to act as a light control film giving added effects of display enhancement and thermal management capabilities. These films can incorporate a polarizer to further improve light emission to the user, either by recycling light with the wrong polarization it into the backlight.

Boyd’s precision converting expertise paired with our relationship with material manufacturers enable us to fabricate innovative solutions with cutting edge materials. We help our customers push the functionality and efficiency of advanced display components.

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