Anti-Glare and Security Films

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Improve Privacy

by preventing others from viewing sensitive information

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Longer Lasting

Add screen protection for longer lasting touch screen interfaces

Help Reduce Glare and Control Reflections

Anti-Glare & Security Films reduce the viewable angle of LED, OLED and LCD screens with a specialized microlouvers. Microlouvers block light exiting from the sides of a screen or display, but light in the middle viewing angle, typically around 60°, can freely reach the viewer.

Anti-Glare & Security Films help reduce glare and control reflections, critical for screens in electronics and within automotive environments where devices may be used in environments with varying levels and sources of both natural and articifial light. Polarizing films and filters help improve contrast by reducing reflections. By implementing polarizing films, users maintain display privacy while improving readability.

When limiting the viewable angle of a screen, light and information is targeted to the intended recipient of visual information. Anti-Glare & Security Films can improve information security by preventing the unintended exposure of private data.

Boyd’s precision converting capabilities in clean room environments make us an ideal partner in developing and manufacturing Anti-Glare & Security Film solutions for your advanced display products.

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