Display Enhancement & Protection

Maximize display vivacity & ability to withstand varying use environments.

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Displays have been integrated into many tools and appliances that we use throughout our day. This widespread integration of smart display technology provides a wide variety of potential use environments with varying light quality levels, ability to review confidential materials, and other environments where reflection, glare, brightness or privacy may be a factor.

Many of these displays are integrated into a larger assembly or carried by an individual making weight and thickness critical. Product designers are configuring displays in smaller dimensions, generally installed near high power level, high heat generating components. Combine this with the fact that consumers expect greater color intensity and modern displays generate or are exposed to excessive heat that needs conducting or shielding to protect efficient device operation and extend product lifetimes.

Boyd’s precision converting capabilities, cleanrooms classified from 100 to 100K, excellent tolerance control, innovative processes, and strategic relationships with the world’s leading display material innovators make us the ideal partner to help you design and fabricate solutions that enhance and protect your displays. Boyd helps you optimize display performance in a wide variety of use environments with long term reliability, like:

  • Surface protection films to prevent screen chipping, scratching or cracking
  • Ingress protection against water, dust and other contaminants
  • Drop shock vibration absorption to prevent screen cracking
  • Heat spreaders to manage touch temperature and heat shields to block excess battery heat
  • Anti-reflective and anti-glare films for varying use environments

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Anti-Glare & Security Films

Maximize screen visibility in varying use environments. Reduce glare in natural sunlight, control viewing angles with security films.


Display module laminates installed in a smartphone

Display Enhancement Films

Improve screen vivacity and clarity with display films that enhance brightness and optimize light transmission.


Shattered and splintered display screen

Anti-Shatter & Reinforcement

Prevent display screens from shattering or splintering as a result of hard drops and major mechanical impact.

Thermographic smartphone image showing power and heat generation

Heat Shields

Block heat from temperature-sensitive display technologies with heat shields designed to prevent heat from passing through a material.


Replacing bezel bond for display module installation in a smartphone

Integrated Display Gaskets

Manage mechanical shock and vibration in and around a display module with integrated display gaskets that seal and cushion.


Light diffusing sheet backlit with white light & transmitting through water

LED Diffusers & Diffuser Films

Optimize the effectiveness of light sources, uniformly spread and homogenize light, eliminate hot spots, and create precisely controlled visual displays.

Light control films

Light Control Films & Light Leakage

Control the direction or blockage of light in display modules for the most efficient utilization of display technology.

Optically Clear Adhesive Component

Optically Clear Adhesives

Transmit nearly 100% light with adhesives designed to be optically clear, minimally thick and aggressive bond strength.


Removing protective film from display

Display Protection Films

Protect screens against scratching and chipping from moderate, everyday use.

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