Wear & Interior Protection

Surface Protection and Enhancement

Designed to Guard Products

Boyd Corporation’s surface protection and enhancement solutions are designed to guard products through various operations, sales and consumer use stages. Protection or enhancement can be temporary and short-term during fabrication processes to assure consumers receive visually flawless products, or permanent and long-term during consumer use to help protect sensitive components like display glass, guard sharp edges on sheet metal components, protect surfaces with frequent and repeated use or control display screen visibility in varying environments.

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Used in a Variety of Stages and Applications

Protection and enhancement solutions are used in a variety of stages and applications including: converting, production, fabrication, packaging, handling, shipping, storage, installation, mounting, and personal storage or use.

Boyd’s team is experienced in matching the right surface protection solution to a broad range of complex and challenging applications.

Display Enhancement and Protection

Graphic displays have become a part of everyday modern life. Many of these displays travel with us and are subjected to daily use and wear in our active lifestyles. Displays are expected to be easily viewable in direct natural sunlight, dim rooms, packed trains and other environments where glare, reflection or privacy may be an environmental factor. These displays are designed in slimmer configurations near many other internal components with increasing levels of power and greater color intensity, generating excessive heat that needs to be conducted or shielded.

Wear and Interior Protection

Boyd’s wear & interior protection solutions help protect high-contact surfaces such as pedals, floors, corners, buttons, and keypads. Our team is a world leader in selecting the optimal material and configuration to increase product lifetimes, enhance consumer safety, and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Industrial Surface Protection
  • Pedal Pads
  • Cabin Comfort
  • Bellows & Handle Boots

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