Medical Ground and Dressing Electrodes

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Robust Patient Comfort

Withstand user conditions & meet wearability needs

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Exceptional Quality

Clean room classification range from 100 to 100k

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Reduce Overall Treatment Costs

Monitor patients outside clinical settings to decrease hospital stays and staff workload

Engineered Material Expertise

Medical Ground and Dressing Electrodes are designed to either measure electrical impulses to the body for diagnosis and patient monitoring or transfer electric pulses to the body for electrotherapy. Electrodes typically consist of the electrical contact, a conformable contact pad, and a skin-safe adhesive.

Boyd Corporation’s Engineered Material expertise and refined cleanroom processes enable us to optimize Ground and Dressing electrode design and fabrication. Our material science experts leverage in-depth knowledge of stick-to-skin adhesives, skin grade foams and skin contact approved films. We collaborate closely with our medical material supplier specialists to identify the right materials that help us create comfortable, reliable, safe, and cost-effective solutions for Ground and Dressing Electrodes.

Our global clean room classification capabilities range from 100 to 100k, allowing us to fabricate and assemble both simple and complex Ground and Dressing Electrodes in a clean environment. Additionally leveraging Boyd’s sterile kitting and packaging processes creates easy, ready-to-ship medical solutions for health care professionals to use in the field.

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