Composite Island Dressing


For Sensitive Skin

Special formulations assure safe patient use for all skin types including children and the elderly.


Flexible and Durable

More patient movement and freedom, designed for their comfort in mind and easy removal.


Breathable and Sterile Wound Environment

Improve patient recovery time by reducing risk of infection in an ideal environment for skin.

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Multi-functional Dressing

Composite Island Dressings, or Barrier Island Dressings, are a type of advanced wound care solution that combine absorption, adhesion, and bacterial barrier performance into a single product. Composite Island Dressings are ideal for light to moderately draining wounds such as IV sites, minor burns, ulcers, skin tears, lacerations, incisions, and donor sites. This advanced wound care product can be used as a primary or secondary dressing to create an environment ideal for hastening the healing process which reduces hospital stays and healthcare costs.

Composite Island Dressings are a multi-functional dressing that utilize a sterile, absorbent, and non-adhesive material in the center, or island, to cover the wound site. A surrounding, breathable layer adheres the dressing to the skin, allows the exchange of moisture vapor, and resists water and bacteria to keep them from entering the wound site.

Boyd Corporation precision medical converting capabilities in clean room facilities enable us to fabricate sterile, high quality Composite Island Dressings that meet your application requirements. Our engineering team helps you select the best material for your product, leveraging our close supplier relationships to identify the optimal raw materials that balance cost and needed functionality. We adapt our expert processes to handle innovative or challenging medical materials that enable you to make the best Composite Island Dressing product possible.

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