Advanced Wound Care

Composite Island Dressings

Wound care dressings, usually composed of multiple layers, are designed to peel and stick to patients for mobility with bordered non-adherent sterile gauze. Composite island dressings are used as a bacterial barrier to absorb and control moisture while healing and protecting against contaminants and bacteria.

Hydrocolloid Dressings

Hydrocolloid gels and dressing are self-adhering, gel-like, waterproof wound dressings with high flexibility that are impermeable to bacteria and provide a moist healing environment ideal for uninfected wounds.

Hydrophilic Foam Dressings

Highly absorbent, hydrocellular foam wound dressing ideal to absorb moderate to heavy wound drainage. These soft and conformable hydrophilic foam dressings can be precision converted to various sizes and shapes depending on your need.

Sterile Kitting & Packaging Solutions

Fully outsourced wound therapy solutions in ISO 13485 certified, clean room facilities around the world. Sterile kitting and packaging solutions includes component fabrication, sterilization, kitting of batched components, packaging and printing.

Ground & Dressing Electrodes

Stick to skin approved adhesives to affix electrodes and grounding contacts to a patient. Can be designed and manufactured for one-time use or extended wear, precision converted with various breathable spun-lace materials and many types of stick-to-skin medical grade adhesives.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Dressings

Also knowns as Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC), Negative Pressure Wound Therapy is a method of drawing out fluid and infection from a wound by using a thin clear vacuum dressing that interfaces between the negative pressure wound therapy device and the patient’s wound.

Hydrogel Dressings

Gel-like dressings that contain high amounts of water to hydrate wounds, create a moist healing environment, and act as a barrier for infections. Ideal for dry wounds, lesions and minor burns, Hydrogel dressings help monitor fluid exchange from within the wound surface.

Wound Closure Strips

Porous, skin closure medical grade adhesives and tapes designed to close small wounds in place of sutures or stitches providing more efficient and comfortable patient care. Wound closure strips can be designed and converted into various shapes and sizes to fit the patient’s needs.

Reduce Infection Risk and Speed Healing Times With Advanced Wound Care

Help patients heal faster with Advanced Wound Care solutions from Boyd Corporation that reduce the risk of infection through the use of innovative, new skin-contact medical grade materials, complex raw material combinations and assemblies, and high cleanliness and process control. Hospitals and healthcare facilities can reduce patient stays and decrease costs by enabling faster clinical downtime, more efficient patient treatment and reduced risk of secondary infection. Insurance companies benefit from reduced claims with faster and more effective healing. More importantly, patients benefit from reduced secondary infection risks and faster healing times.

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