Ultra Thin Vapor Chambers

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Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers (UTVCs) utilize internal two-phase evaporation and condensation to passively transfer heat across a plane. Vapor chambers enable high heat transfer across its surfaces, even for high heat flux applications, without any moving components. Typically, vapor chambers can effectively conduct 10 to 40 times more heat than copper at the same temperature difference and possess higher through-plane conductivity than graphite for applications thicker than ~0.25 mm.

Passive Heat Spreading with Minimal Thickness and More Design Options

Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers are efficient passive solutions for uniform heat spreading in low profile applications where height is at a premium. This compact thermal management solution leaves room for more battery space or added functionality with more electronics. Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers can help reduce the overall thickness and weight of your product. Customers experience increased design flexibility and can better push the limits of their application by using Boyd’s Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers.

Extra Functionality with Titanium and Stainless Steel Vapor Chambers

Titanium and Stainless Steel Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers have additional mechanical strength and can be used for structural applications such as internal chassis, like smart phone middle frames, external enclosures or housings. This effectively combines thermal and structural performance in one deliverable, reducing the number of components in your assembly. In addition to combining multiple components, the higher material yield strength enables thinner and lighter vapor chamber construction compared to copper. Thinner walls maximize the internal vapor space and in turn improves the effective thermal conductivity of the vapor chamber, regardless of metal’s thermal properties. Switching to Titanium or Stainless Steel Vapor Chambers can help you decrease the thickness of your thermal management solution or maximize the power transferred from your heat source.

Designing and Prototyping Your Ultra-Thin Vapor Chamber Solution

Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation is the only company in the world that can prototype and mass produce Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers in either copper, copper alloys, stainless steel, or titanium, enabling us to design and fabricate the vapor chamber best suited to your application. Our manufacturing processes produce copper vapor chambers as thin as 0.4 mm and titanium or stainless steel vapor chambers as thin as 0.3 mm.

Boyd’s High Volume Ultra-Thin Vapor Chamber Manufacturing

Boyd’s tightly controlled, disruptive manufacturing processes ensure negligible performance reduction with the elimination of Non-Condensable Gasses (NCGs) within all our Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers to fully utilize the X-Y plane of the entire heat spreader. This lengthens the high-performance lifetime of the Vapor Chamber, maximizing reliable functionality of your product. We further reduce volume that cannot be used for product functionality or heat transfer by either minimizing or completely removing the fill tube based on our cutting-edge processes.

Integrating Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers into Your Products

Like heat pipes, vapor chambers can be formed in a variety of non-planar geometries which make them adaptable into more 3D formats. Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers can include various bends, structural flanges, and through holes to accommodate application specific geometries and hardware. Our broad manufacturing capabilities also enable us to add features like selective EMI shielding to your vapor chamber, making our stainless steel and titanium vapor chambers a thermal, mechanical, and EMI management solution. By partnering with Boyd, we integrate multiple functions into comprehensive and cost-effective solutions that help you reduce your total cost of ownership.

Reduced Temperatures for Higher Performance
Decrease Product Thickness & Size
Increased Weight Savings

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Ultra-Thin Vapor Chamber Product Details

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Titanium Vapor Chambers (TiVCs)

Titanium Ultra Thin Vapor Chamber next to American Penny for Thickness Scale

Added Strength & Design Flexibility over Copper UTVCs

The strength of titanium allows us to make Ultra-Thin Vapor Chamber walls much thinner than those made from traditional metals while still maintaining excellent mechanical integrity. Optimized wall thicknesses enable us to either increase vapor space to create higher heat transport capacity or maintain existing vapor space for an overall thinner solution. Boyd’s ability to highly customize wick structures help in optimizing vapor chamber performance with stronger materials. This allows Boyd to design and fabricate high performance, high reliability thermal management solutions that are extremely lightweight, low profile and with greater thermal efficiency than all other passive heat spreading solutions on the market today.

Cutting-Edge Manufacturing for Unique Titanium Vapor Chambers

Over the past 5 years, Boyd has developed robust and repeatable high volume manufacturing methods that leverage the attractive qualities of Titanium within cost-effective processes. Our proprietary manufacturing methods produce high quality Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers that help customers reduce overall costs for themselves and their end consumers through integrated solutions, reduced supply chain complexity and reduced warranty and quality claims. Our knowhow and methodology enable us to customize the vapor chamber wick to fine tune its performance for your specific application.

Key Features:
  • Lightest Vapor Chambers on the Market: ~ 9X - 20X more efficient thermal conductivity per gram vs graphite
  • Improved Design Flexibility with Mounting Holes, Bends, and Other Structural Elements
  • Suitable for Harsh Environments with Exceptional Material Compatibility
  • Passes Long Term Operation, Thermal Cycling, and Freeze-Thaw Testing

Sample Size :
100 mm x 50 mm

Total Weight

Max Power1

Maximum Thermal Conductivity

0.3 mm
Stacked Graphene




0.4 mm Cu VC



4000 ~ 6000

0.4 mm SS VC



3700 ~ 5700

0.4 mm Ti VC



16,000 ~ 24,000

0.3 mm Ti VC



2000 ~ 4500

Note: At higher temperatures, the effective thermal conductivities of the vapor chambers can be much higher than the values provided in the table.

At 60°C vapor chamber temperature in typical mobile phone applications

Stainless Steel Vapor Chambers (SSVCs)

Stainless Steel Ultra Thin Vapor Chamber with Nickel Plating

Ultra-Thin Stainless Steel Vapor Chambers are a balanced blend of additional mechanical strength, consistent reliability, and cost effectiveness.

Extra Mechanical Strength with Stainless Steel Vapor Chambers

Stainless steel Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers possess more mechanical strength as compared to copper versions, preventing warp and enabling less surrounding support material. Because of this additional strength, SSVCs can be larger than their copper counterparts and still resist plastic deformation. Stainless steel allows a higher level of reworkability compared to copper vapor chambers to accommodate repairs or enable fast design modifications to use existing stock for future products.

Our proprietary process allows us to eliminate the concern of Non-Condensable Gasses (NCGs), extending the life of Boyd’s stainless steel vapor chambers beyond competitive stainless steel solutions.

Copper Vapor Chambers (CuVCs)

Copper Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers are a natural progression of field-proven copper heat pipe technology. Boyd leverages five decades of design expertise, reliability testing and real-world applications of standard copper heat pipes to power the innovation and fabrication of Copper Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers. We have a broad range of capabilities and options to customize an optimized CuVC heat spreader, specialized for your application.

Cu Vapor Chamber Parameters


Wick Types

  • Sintered Powder
  • Wire Mesh
  • Chemically Etched (ideal for special wick geometries)

Overall Thickness

  • Minimum: 0.4 mm
  • Dependent on Power Requirement

Pedestal Forming

  • Stamping
  • Chemical Etching

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