3D Vapor Chamber Assemblies

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3D Vapor Chamber Assemblies

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Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation has taken the concept of vapor chamber heat spreading to the next dimension with specialized air-cooled heat sinks that incorporate vapor chambers not only in the base, but in the fins as well. Attached to the vapor chamber blades are high density rolled and louvered fins, resulting in a 3D Vapor Chamber Heat Sink Assembly. This compact fin structure paired with fast heat spreading of vapor chambers enable 3D Vapor Chamber Heat Sink Assemblies to provide isothermal, high-performance air cooled thermal management.

These compact, high performance air-cooled heat sinks are designed to meet the most demanding electronics cooling requirements in both commercial and military applications. This product is the result of a DARPA Research & Development program, entitled Microtechnologies for Air-Cooled Exchangers (MACE), to advance air side heat transfer performance over current State-of-the-Art heat sinks.

Traditional 3D Vapor Chamber Heat Sink Assemblies are configured for 3U, 4U, 5U, and 6U rack heights, but can be designed to fit and perform in your custom application. Aavid’s thermal engineers will balance your system airflow requirement with 3D Vapor Chamber Heat Sink dimension constraints and performance characteristics.

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