Heat Exchangers Reject Heat from High Powered Liquid Cooling Systems

Why Use A Heat Exchanger?

Liquid Heat Exchangers are used to transfer heat from a liquid loop to another fluid stream, either another liquid system (Liquid to Liquid) or an air system (Liquid to Air). Integrate a heat exchanger to increase surface area for the liquid to reject or absorb heat and transport that to the secondary fluid stream. Liquid Heat Exchangers are a critical component to any liquid cooling system and has a large impact in the overall effectiveness of the system.

Plate Fin Heat Exchanger

Solid plates conduct heat from liquid flow paths to secondary fluid flows and offer increased structural integrity and easy customization.

Flat Tube Heat Exchanger

Flat tubes with extended surface channels coupled with external fins increase surface area for added heat transfer between fluid flows.

Tube-Fin Heat Exchangers

Also known as finned coil heat exchangers, Tube-Fin Heat Exchanger utilize tubes that pass through a dense fin stack mechanically supported by a mounting frame.

Brazed Plate Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchanger

High efficiency Liquid to Liquid Heat transfer between thin conductive plates separating liquid flow paths.

Aerospace Aftermarket Replacement Heat Exchangers (Re-Core)

Extend the life of your oil cooler used in aerospace applications with certified aftermarket replacement recores for liquid heat exchangers from Boyd.

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Rugged, High Reliability

Brazing assures quality system joints for long term, reliable performance.

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More Compact Cooling Systems

Enhanced cooling system surface area for higher cooling performance without increasing thermal system size.

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Leverage Liquid Cooling in Any System

Reject Liquid Cooling System heat to secondary air or liquid exhaust systems.

tube fin heat exchanger with wavy fins

Boyd Aviation Solutions

Hundreds of Custom and Semi-Custom Options

Boyd’s engineering team use their expertise to select from hundreds of custom and semi-custom liquid heat exchangers which include a variety of fin options, heat pipes integration possibilities, and other enhancements to design an optimized solution for your liquid system. Our team is well-versed in an extensive selection of fluids, oils, and coolants, and a wide range of fabrication methods to design and manufacture liquid heat exchangers to enhance your liquid system.

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