Thermally Conductive Films

Electrically isolate high voltage devices with thin films

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Thermally Conductive Films

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Thermally Conductive Thin Films are flexible materials used to conduct heat from a surface and are commonly made of polyimide, a transparent thermoset polymer that has great physical and electrical isolation properties. These lightweight films can withstand harsh environments making them ideal for ruggedizing your product.

Thermal Films exhibit a high resistance to flow or thin out under high compressive stresses, even at elevated temperatures. Its physical, mechanical and electrical properties remain nearly constant over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies. Polyimide Thermally Conductive Films are radiation resistant, do not melt, and have no known organic solvents.

Boyd’s precision converting capabilities and integration technologies coupled with Aavid’s thermal expertise enable you to apply Thermally Conductive Films easily into and optimized for your application.

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