Phase Change Materials

Low thermal resistance interface material with high surface wettability and thin bond lines

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Phase Change Materials

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Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are wax-like thermal compounds that change phase at a specifically formulated temperature. Typically PCMs are silicone-free, paraffin-based wax materials, but can also be acrylic based.

Boyd’s Transtherm® Thermally Conductive Phase Change Materials are thin layers of materials designed to melt at a specific temperature. While the PCM absorbs heat, it completely wets-out across the surface achieving an extremely thin bondline. This provides excellent temperature control, close contact between surfaces, and minimal thermal resistance.

Once the phase change temperature is first exceeded, optimal thermal performance is maintained above and below the melt temperature. Phase Change Materials are best for thermally conductive applications that require good wet out on surfaces with little or no force. Excessive pressure can squeeze out extra material from in between the surfaces when the PCM is in its liquid state.

Phase Change Materials are available in a variety of formats. Most options include a highly conductive carrier like a thin polymer film or aluminum foil, but some are available as just the wax material on a liner for application.

Phase Change Materials are temperature sensitive andmay reach their phase change temperature during transport. Stock should be housed in a temperature-controlled environment during summer or in warmer climates.

Boyd’s Transtherm® Phase Change Materials conform with REACH and RoHS regulations.

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