Thermally Conductive Hardware and Ceramics


Reduce Thermal Resistance

eliminates air between surfaces with higher conductivity materials


Improved Performance

improved thermal conductivity between joined surfaces


Easy Assembly

naturally tacky on at least one side

Thermally Conductive Hardware in the form of liners, washers, bushings, and mounting pads help electrically isolate devices while still maintaining high thermal conductivity. This hardware enables specific passthroughs for cables, electrical leads, and mechanical attachment hardware like screws. By using hard materials like specialized polymers, natural materials, and ceramics, thermal energy can still pass through the material and protect against electrical shock while maintaining high dimensional stability.

Electrically insulating liners enable electrical connectors to pass through grounded barriers, especially enclosures. Transistor Mounting Pads prevent heat damage during solder assembly and facilitate board clean-up, prevent solder bridges, and assure uniform device height after soldering.

Hard plastic covers designed to screw or snap enable easy installation to protect devices from electrical shock during field service and repair. Bushings and Shoulder Washers are utilized in mounting assemblies to evenly distribute the load generated by a spring or insulate pass through cables.

Thermally conductive electrical insulators made from polymers are chosen for their excellent flammability ratings, resistance to a broad range of chemicals, and dimensional stability at high continuous use temperatures.

Ceramics like Aluminum Oxide and Beryllium Oxide have high compressive strengths, dielectric strength, and thermal conductivity with low thermal expansion. These properties make ceramics ideal for high voltage electrical isolation.

Mica, a naturally occurring mineral, is stable and maintains superior electrical insulation when exposed to moisture and extreme temperatures. The mechanical properties of mica allow it to be cut, punched, stamped and machined to close tolerances while maintaining a high thermal conductivity.

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