Thermally Conductive Gap Fillers


Reduce Thermal Resistance

eliminates air between surfaces with higher conductivity materials


Improved Performance

improved thermal conductivity between joined surfaces


Easy Assembly

naturally tacky on at least one side

Thermally Conductive Gap Fillers are soft, malleable interface materials with high thermal conductivity. Gap fillers are ideal for applications with significant distances between the heat source and cooling surface, varying component heights, high tolerance stack up variability, and uneven or rough surfaces. The number of available material options and formats make gap fillers a popular component to thermal management solutions.

Boyd’s Transtherm® Gap Fillers materials are gel-like materials composed of either a silicone or silicone-free compound, free of air gaps and pores The conformability of Transtherm® Gap Fillers eliminates air between surfaces with higher conductivity materials to reduce thermal resistance. The volume of the gap filler remains constant so it will thin and spread out with applied pressure. Smaller gap filler pads require less pressure to thin out compared to larger pads.

Transtherm® Gap Fillers are naturally tacky on at least one side, which improves handling during assembly. Some materials are available with tackiness on both sides. Softer materials tend to have higher tackiness.

Transtherm® Thermally Conductive Gap Fillers fall into three groups: Silicone Gap Fillers, Silicone-Free Gap Fillers, and Putty-type Gap Fillers. Silicone and Silicone-Free Gap fillers are easily converted for specific applications and can be laminated with other materials or pre-applied to other Boyd supplied components. Putty-type gap fillers have an extreme level of wettability and conformability, but do not rebound to original shape after pressure is removed from the material. Products with putty-type gap fillers pre-applied are shipped with protective shields to prevent smudging and accidental contact prior to assembly.

Boyd’s Transtherm® Thermally Conductive Gap Fillers conform with REACH and RoHS regulations.

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