Thermal epoxies create a strong mechanical bond between surfaces while offering high heat transfer and high voltage isolation. These specialized epoxies are mixed with thermally conductive fillers like ceramics or metallic particles that enable heat to easily transfer through the material. Thermal epoxy can act as both a thermal interface material and a mounting method to reduce the amount of mounting hardware utilized in a product or application.

Epoxy compounds offer low shrinkage and coefficients of thermal expansion comparable to copper or aluminum. They bond easily to metals, ceramics, most plastics and a wide variety of other materials.

Ther-O-Bond 1600 produces a stable, high-impact bond at room temperature with good heat transfer characteristics and electrical isolation. It’s used for potting thermistors, diodes, resistors, integrated circuits and other heat sensitive components into printed circuit boards. The compound bonds readily to itself, metals, ceramics, silica, steatite, alumina, sapphire, glass and plastics due to its compatible coefficient for thermal expansion.

Thermalbond™ provides exceptional adhesion to copper, aluminum, steel, glass, ceramics and most plastics while possessing a coefficient of thermal expansion that is extremely compatible with aluminum, copper and brass. Once cured, Thermalbond is exceptionally resistant to environmental hazards.

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Key Industries


  • Power Supplies
  • Power Inverters & Converters
  • Transistor Mounting
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    Agriculture & Construction

  • Traction Control Bonded Fin Heat Sinks
  • Enclosure Ruggedization
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  • Enclosure & Chassis Bonding
  • Thermocouple Embedding for Test Equipment
  • Power Supplies
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