Fans are the simplest and most cost-efficient method of increasing thermal performance. Adding a fan to a natural convection solution improves heat transfer by directing cooler air into, around and/or over primary thermal device, forcing heat and hot air out of an assembly.

When ambient environment or natural convection cooling cannot sustain enough heat transfer for higher power applications, fans and forced air convection cooling are designed to manipulate this environment. Fans are used to maintain an optimized flow rate that allows maximum thermal transfer within designed specifications. Fans force cool air over a thermal component like a heat sink, heat pipe, or vapor chamber, enabling heat to transfer from the thermal component to the forced air, then transfer that heat out of an assembly. This maintains a more constant flow of cooler air over the thermal component which enables solutions like heat sinks to more efficiently and effectively move heat away from the heat-generating device.

While we provide a variety of standard axial fan options, Boyd Corporation manufactures custom fans and fan systems to meet exacting application requirements. We’re able to customize impeller and housing geometry as well motor construction and controller options like speeds, voltages, and function types and supporting solutions to manage, minimize or control acoustics and vibration.

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Key Industries

Consumer Electronics

  • CPU & GPU Cooling
  • Power Supply Thermal Management
  • Motor Cooling
  • Power Converter Cooling Solutions
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    Cloud Compute

  • Rack or Board Cooling
  • Fan Trays
  • Localized BGA/FPGA Cooling
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  • IGBT Air Cooling
  • Power Converters and Inverter Thermal Management Systems
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