Fans and Blowers Increase Airflow and Cooling

Double Width Double Inlet (DWDI) Blowers

Reduce noise and vibration without sacrificing air flow and pressure drop with High performance DWDI Blowers compared to dual axial fan solutions.

Low Profile Blowers

Increase airflow and heat transfer in low profile applications to both maximize performance in tight spaces like mobile electronics.

Fan Heat Sink Combinations

Pre-assembled, complete air cooled thermal solutions for a variety of board level devices or components or mix and match our products to create your own Fan Heat Sink Assembly.

Axial Fans

One of the most popular, simplest, and cost-efficient method of increasing thermal performance, Axial Fans come in a broad range of standard options and sizes or can be fully customized for your application.

Hundreds of Standard Fan Options

Improve the performance of your air cooled thermal management solution by increasing air flow and heat transfer with Fans or Blowers. Increased airflow to forced convection heat sinks enable engineers to dissipate more heat load within a similar volume.

Boyd has hundreds of standard fan options including preassembled fan heat sink combinations. Boyd Fans and Blowers are easily paired with existing or custom heat sinks to improve the effectiveness of the thermal management solution. We also customize high performance fans and blowers for challenging applications. Boyds advanced design and analytics team paired with our comprehensive manufacturing and test facilities produce higher flow rates while minimizing acoustics and vibration, allowing customers additional system design flexibility.

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