Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink


Wallet Friendly Solutions

Cost-effective and readily-available solutions


Hundreds of Options

Meet specific installation needs with a wide variety of mounting options.


Improved Performance

Improve heat dissipation, device performance, and speed with the added surface area.

Quick Solutions Optimized for Board Level Devices

An extruded aluminum heat sink is one of the most popular and cost-efficient heat sink fabrication methods. Boyd Corporation produces a wide variety of Standard Extruded Heat Sink options for quick solutions optimized for board level devices like TO packages, BGA/FPGA devices, and even CPUs & GPUs. These standard heat sinks are available with different mounting methods and some come with pre-applied thermal interface materials to streamline assembly into your PCB.

Standard Extruded Heat Sinks are pre-cut and finished heat sinks that typically include installation hardware. Standard Extruded Heat Sinks include finished flat back, double sided with gaps, or Max Clip™ extrusions typically meant for board level cooling.

Boyd’s Standard DC/DC Converter heat sinks are designed to cool half, quarter and one-eighth brick sizes as well as the Vicor style footprint. To streamline assembly, each DC/DC Converter heat sink has standard mounting holes and pre-applied thermal interface material.

For applications that require more customization, we utilize our broad extrusion profile library to develop custom and semi-custom air cooled solutions. Boyd extruded heat sink profiles range from simple flat back fin structures to complex geometries for optimized cooling. Alloys 6063 and 6061 are our most commonly featured aluminum alloys for high thermal conductivity.

For rapid thermal modeling and comparison of multiple heat sink constructions please try Boyd Genie our heat sink design tool.


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