Blowers are a cost-effective air cooling solution that offer different design options and power capabilities compared to fans. Blowers can handle a greater pressure drop, making them ideal for use with high fin density heat sinks and heat exchangers for high performance cooling.

Blowers generate air flow perpendicular to the inlet; allowing for more flexibility in housing geometry and lower profile solutions. This also enables more localized cooling and greater creativity in system design.

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High Performance Blowers for Enterprise and Telecom Applications

Boyd’s recent acquisition of an advanced blower design and manufacturing group is now part of Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation, and serves as a design hub for air mover technology and solutions. Their various patents and technologies include acoustically-superior dual inlet blowers, fully integrated custom blower trays, and solutions for rack cooling.
These unique dual inlet blowers are designed to provide optimized cooling with minimized acoustics, allowing for active cooling systems 6-12 dBA quieter than comparable axial fan systems. Additionally, the dual width design of these patented blowers has no inlet flow obstructions, allowing for fewer restrictions to air flow and greater performance than conventional blowers.

High Performance Dual Inlet Blower Technology Benefits:

  • Patented peripheral motor greatly minimizes sound levels
  • Unique impeller and housing design for high performance
  • Eliminates axial fan blade pass frequency
  • In-house designed three phase brushless motor
  • Unrestricted air inlets
  • Patented balancing methodology lowers vibration
  • Blower form factor allows unique product design options