Heat Pipes are Reliable, Low Cost Heat Transport

Copper Water Heat Pipes

Reliably transport heat with two phase cooling heat pipes proven in market to function for over 20 years. Long-lasting, effective thermal management to quickly transport heat over distance and eliminate hot spots.

Cryogenic Heat Pipes

Transport Heat in extremely low temperature environments for demanding cryogenic applications with specialized material options.

High Temperature Heat Pipes

Manage heat in extremely high temperature environments with Boyd’s broad range of material and working fluid options for Heat Pipe Assemblies.

Isothermal Furnace Liners

Create isothermal environments for high temperature industrial processes like chemical processing and crystal growth.

Highly Reliable Standard Heat Pipes

Heat Pipes are a passive, two-phase component that enable rapid heat transport. Boyd’s heat pipes have decades of proven reliability. These components are integral in extending the heat spreading and overall thermal performance of conductive and air cooled solutions.

As Heat Pipes are a mature technology, their low cost and ability to quickly transport heat make them an attractive component in thermal management solutions for many industries and applications.

Boyd not only produces highly reliable standard copper-water heat pipes, but also designs and fabricates specialized heat pipes for more advanced applications. Our engineers are experienced in developing cryogenic heat pipes for space applications or research and development projects.

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High Temperature Heat Pipes

Our team also manufactures high temperature heat pipes and isothermal furnace liners to improve high temperature industrial processes with effective heat transport or heat spreading.

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