Heat Pipes

Multiple heat pipes, embedded heat pipes, tower heat pipes, high-power heat pipes, vapor chambers and loop heat pipes all offer the flexibility to help design efficient cooling and longer life into any system.

Copper-water heat pipes are simple and reliable that provide high performance operation that’s applicable to a variety of applications.

In rugged, demanding applications with high heat flux densities, high heat loads and stringent heat removal requirements, Aavid’s extreme temperature heat pipes have a proven ability to meet tough challenges over a wide operating temperature range from -270° C (cryogenic) to 2,000° C (high temperature).

Flexible heat pipes can provide freedom of movement when system design features place limitations on how thermal management technology can be configured.

Variable Conductance Heat Pipe (VCHP)
Variable Conductance Heat Pipes (VCHP) can offer precise and reliable temperature control and temperature uniformity in addition to high-performance cooling wherever the application requires it.


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