Heat Pipe Performance Calculator

Boyd has pioneered heat pipe technology development and design as a world leading heat pipe manufacturer for more than 50 years. Our heat pipes are designed for gravity sensitive or high heat load applications where long life and reliability are critical. We approach heat pipe design with creativity, using unique alloys and fluids to optimize performance for any heat pipe application or environment, no matter how challenging.

While we’re very excited to help our customers design the best heat pipes for their applications, we understand that sometimes you want to do it yourself! For rapid dry out calculations of various heat pipe configurations, try our new heat pipe calculator.


Boyd’s Heat Pipe Performance Calculator helps you estimate the maximum heat transferred in your specific copper-water heat pipe application. The calculator determines what power it can carry at each temperature for the given heat pipe geometry.

    • Input your overall heat pipe length and lengths devoted to the evaporator (heat collection) and condenser (heat rejection)
    • Input operating conditions including the operating power (input heat), orientation (heat pipe angle), and operating temperature (ambient temperature)
    • Then select a heat pipe diameter from our common diameters

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