Laser Display Case Study

Project Details

Customer: Prsym Inc.

Application: Laser Light Sources

Technology: CFD and High
Density Die Casting

Industry: Display Technology & Visual Workplace

Location: Concord, Massachusetts

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The Design Challenge

A company headquartered in California uses visual collaborationcloud where teams across the globe can create, share andinnovate. The technology used is more than video conferencingand webinars. Prysm Inc. combines apps, content, video and theweb into a single interface for data visualization.

Prsym Inc. began developing a new product using laser lightsources. The laser sources are mounted on a base plate which isfurther mounted on a heat sink with fans. Heat flows from thedevice to the base plate then to the heat sink, gets sucked by thefans and eventually released in ambient air. The thermal targetwas very tight and the geometry required an advanced castingsolution. While the thermal target for this design had to beadjusted due to physical constrains, the California team of Aavid,Thermal division of Boyd Corporation, was able to assist withfinding the best thermal management solution using CFDanalysis and high density casting process known as HDDC.

The Aavid Solution

The analysis began by creating a thermal simulation model of abaseline concept which uses the fans and heat sinks tested byPrysm Inc. This particular array of laser sources would be underconditions such as forced convection and used at an altitude of3000m above sea level. Aavid’s team designed and optimized aheat sink to decrease the maximum temperature on the lasers.Offering the best thermal management solution for cooling theselaser sources will not only help to perform better, but the lifetimewill be longer. Multiple simulations were ran to find the mostoptimum solution.

In temperatures of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature dropacross the base plate and ambient was approximately 43 degreesFahrenheit. To further improve the thermal system performance,Aavid suggested bringing the fans closer to the base, and addingpartitions between the two fans.

We at Aavid, helped to provide the best possible solution for aheat sink for Prysm’s video walls.

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