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For over 90 years, Boyd Corporation has empowered the world’s fastest growing markets with revolutionary innovation in advanced thermal management and environmental sealing solutions. 

Boyd is dedicated to designing and fabricating solutions that optimize performance, increase reliability, improve energy efficiency, extend product lifecycles, and protect and enhance the safety of end products for the most well-known and valuable brands around the world. 

By leveraging proprietary technology, application engineering expertise at the forefront of innovation, and decades of market experience, Boyd designs and delivers solutions that solve complex customer challenges.  

Boyd’s wide array of solutions cool, seal, shield, adhere, insulate, and protect sensitive components in many of the end products that you use or encounter today. 

Our solutions make the Internet of Things movement possible by ensuring batteries don’t overheat, ruggedizing electronic devices to withstand consumer use, enabling mobile displays to maintain maximum resolution and functionality, and streamlining datacenters to operate at sustainable temperatures for faster processing speeds.  

We facilitate technological advancements across highly diversified industries including:  

the medical industry, where we ensure that devices perform safely and reliably,  

aerospace applications, where we enable safe and comfortable flights,  

agriculture equipment, where we help preserve natural resources and optimize output 

consumer electronics, where we reduce noise and improve device lifecycles 

autonomous and electric vehicles, where we push advancements in research and development,  

and countless other industries where we strive to improve performance and reliability of all applications.  

Engineers at Boyd utilize nearly 250 patents and produce solutions from more than 3000 specialty materials, including graphite, advanced foams and polymers, multilayer films, aluminum, copper, and many other high-performance materials. As a result, Boyd solutions are tailored for the unique performance, assembly, and delivery needs of each individual customer. Boyd partners with customers early during the design process, often accelerating the development cycle, ensuring fully optimized designs, and improving time to market. Combined with our experience in prototyping and design for manufacturing, we seamlessly transition concepts to full scale production efficiently and effectively.  

We solve performance and production challenges that others say are impossible at speeds yet to be replicated. We innovate to solve the challenges of today and empower the solutions for tomorrow.  

Global operations include dozens of manufacturing facilities and engineering design centers as well as clean room capabilities from class 100 to 100,000 across 3 continents, making Boyd locally available in your global environment and optimized for your complex value chains. 

The proliferation of innovative electronics combined with disruptive trends across a wide variety of industries are changing the technological landscape. 

Mobile devices, electric and autonomous vehicles, hyperscale data centers, next generation aircraft, telecommunications equipment, and cutting-edge consumer electronics, matched with Boyd’s unprecedented technological leadership in thermal management and environmental sealing solutions are creating our roadmap for the future. As our customers re-define their markets, unique solutions from Boyd will empower them to be possible. 

Boyd Corporation. One Company. Many Solutions. 

Boyd: Innovation Accelerated

Boyd: Innovation Accelerated Transcript

Innovation transforms our lives and brings tomorrow’s vision closer to reality each day. 

With faster, lighter, smaller, and more efficient technologies, innovation continually extends our reach into a brilliant future.  

A connected, efficient, smarter, more sustainable future that withstands the challenges we present it with. 

From the rigors of everyday life to performance levels that push the boundaries of what’s possible, in the harshest environments, with zero tolerance for anything but exacting reliability.  

We’re the design and manufacturing partner the world’s most innovative brands trust to realize their next generation vision, disrupt technology, and redefine the possible with them. 

Diverse technologies, creative engineering, global agility, and sustainable manufacturing drive your innovation and catalyze your success. 

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