Consumer Electronics

Global electronification continues to gain momentum as more and more products become electrified and/or “smart”. Touch screens, advanced electronics, accessible voice controls, and wireless connectivity are being integrated into everything from watches to refrigerators to entire homes or offices as the Internet of Things (IoT) enters its next phase.

As this trend grows, the world is seeing devices, displays, and interactivity that was previously impossible. Home theatres contain huge OLED displays offering 8k resolution, sound systems generate louder and clearer acoustics, and entertainment consoles bring us the latest in interactive games, virtual reality, and streaming content. Homes and offices utilize a vast array of technologies including personal computers, high resolution monitors, thin clients, notebooks, and tablets, many of which double as part of our home entertainment systems or as virtual offices and conference rooms. These smart homes and offices include interconnected appliances, security systems, and communication systems, making up the complete Smart Home Environment.

The increasing complexity of consumer electronics requires that manufacturers seal and protect sensitive components from unpredictable environments and cool rising heat loads to ensure long product lifetimes and adequate user safety. Boyd integrates many of these components into single assemblies, creating comprehensive, cost effective, fully integrated solutions that are smaller, lighter weight, and more reliable.

What Goes Into Making Advanced Display Solutions

Consumer Electronics Thermal Solutions

Consumer electronics and products have more features and functionality than ever before due to the addition of more processing power, sensors, motors, batteries, cameras, and other devices. The heat from these components often compounds and can put device reliability and consumer safety at risk. By implementing an effective thermal management solution, products from gaming consoles to blenders to notebook computers and high performance digital cameras can last longer without touch temperatures increasing beyond safe levels.

Boyd are experts in designing, validating, and manufacturing effective thermal solutions for high performance consumer electronics. Boyd engineering teams have decades of experience addressing a wide range of environmental conditions, use cases, and product requirements utilizing our refined design for manufacture (DFM) process. Thermal solutions for consumer electronics include natural convection heat sinks for quiet cooling, high performance heat pipe zipper fin heat sinks for heavy heat loads, and low profile blowers and ultra-thin vapor chambers for small form factor cooling.

Consumer Electronics Sealing Solutions

Many new products, like kitchen appliances, home security products, and HVAC systems, integrate electronics to enhance efficiency and touch screens to improve the user interface. Boyd is experienced in converting optically clear adhesive solutions into integrated display gaskets to prevent unwanted fluid exposure while still maintaining optical resolution and touch screen functionality.

Systems like these, especially for outdoor use or use around liquid systems, require effective sealing solutions to keep electronics from shorting. Boyd’s O-Rings, seals, gaskets, hoses, and rubber molded components are ideal for sealing out unwanted fluids at the lowest total cost to our customers and the end user.

Consumer Electronics Protection Solutions

Boyd has a broad range of protection materials and products that enable us to convert the right product to protect your consumer electronics. We’re able to integrate UL94 approved electrical isolation materials into a broad range of multipurpose assemblies like product identification, badging, hardware protection and airflow management.

Boyd produces acoustic meshes and insulation ideal for applications that protect audio equipment without distorting sound quality or quieting noise from washing machines. Boyd uses a wide range of materials to produce dampers that improve acoustics as well as protect sensitive equipment from noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) or shock. Our protective films keep surfaces scratch free between assembly, packing, and final delivery to the end user.

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